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Family Time. But there is trouble, mark family get's attacked in Funland.

Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017








Gracy: It was great dad i love L.A. Can we go L.A. Pls dad.

Mark: Yes honey we will go L.A. 

Gracy: When?.

Mark: Tomorrow.

Gracy: Ok dad I'm so excited.

Mark: Then we are going cande.

Gracy: Ok dad.

Kate: Pack your stuff now so we can go quick.

Gracy: Ok dad I'm going to pack my stuff. (Gracy goes to her room).

Kate: Sweetheart you look strssed.

Mark: I'm strssed because i can,t slove this case.

Kate: Sweetheart don,t give up.

Mark: I want family time to forget this zaky things.

Kate: Ok.

Mark: Wait i gotta a call. (mark attend the call)... yes.

Jack: There coming to L.A. to kill your family.

Mark: I will never let that happen bye. (mark turns of the phone)... kate.

Kate: Yes.

Mark: zaky is in L.A. there is danger out there.

Kate: Ok then we can,t go i will quickly go to tell her.

Mark: No we will go with alot of gun, for savety.

Kate: Ok lets go to sleep.


zaky: that day.


Mark: Lets hit the road. Gracy lets go. (mark drives to airport). (inside the airport).

mark: get in the plane. (mark calls jack).

Jack: Sir they are in the airport where are you?.

mark: I'm in the plane.

Jack: and your family?.

Mark: They are here too.

Jack: Is the plane flying?.

Mark: Yes.

Jack: Thanks God, where are you going?.

Mark: L.A, Ok bye.

Jack: Sir bye. (mark closes his phone).

Airhostess: Sir will you like having food or drinks.

Mark: One pizzia.

Kate: One sandwich.

Gracy: One hotdog.

Airhotess: Ok sir, its coming.

Gracy: Dad it is so fun in L.A.,

L.A. is here dad. (mark wakes up).

Mark: Ok Gracy- wait jack is calling me. (mark attends the call).

Jack: Sir where are you?.

Mark: in L.A..

Jack: Ok there are in the plane keep your phone on so you can know where they are.

Mark: Ok right we are heading to the market right now.

Jack: Ok sir.

Zaky:( Inside the market).

Mark: We are buying some food. 

(mark: we are out from the market. mark: now we are heading to a dress shop).

Jack: Ok they are in the plane still.

Mark: We are now going to my daughter friend house.

Jack: Sir they are in L.A.

Mark: Where?.

Jack: In park.

Mark: the park is near my daughter friend house... thanks god we are getting out from my daughter friend house.

Gracy:Dad, lets go to the park.

(mark whispers in kate ears).

Mark: No not later kate she can,t go the park because zaky is there.

Kate: Ok.

Mark: Ok I'm just worried about you and Gracy.

Kate: I know you are my sweetheart.

Mark: We will be disgusing our self as a guard,

let me tell jack. (mark calls jack).

Jack: Yes sir.

Mark:  We are disgusing our self as a guard.

Jack: Ok they are in a toy shop bye.

Mark: Bye. (mark closes the phone).

Mark: We have to act like a guard, where are we going next?.

Gracy: Funland.

Mark: Ok.


zaky: that day.

Kate:Llets go. (mark drives to funland).

Gracy: We are in the funland yayyyy.

Jack: sir there are in the funland.

Mark: I have my suit. mark: Kate be with Gacy.

Kate: Ok.

Jack: Ok sir ready.

Mark: Yes.( zaky is here).

zaky: what did you say. (punchs). zaky and dave: shoot him. (shooting). (shooting). dave: beat him. (mark groundhouse kick). (mark kicks the thug). (mark punchs the thug). (mark kicks thug). (mark punchs thugs). (mark kicks thug). (mark bashes thug to floor). (mark kicks thug). (mark gets hurt). mark: ow damnit. zaky lets fight. (mark punchs zaky). (zaky gets hurt). (zaky punchs mark). zaky: lets have a knife fight. (mark grabs knife). (mark blocks). (zaky hit mark with knife). (mark gets hurt). mark: ow!. zaky: i love hitting you. (zaky laughs). mark: enough talking you piece of shit!!. (mark groundhouse kick). (zaky gets hurt). zaky: fine gun fight then. (mark shooting). (zaky shooting). (mark shooting). dave: get in the car quick police is coming.

Zaky: Ok, this is just the beginning of your life it will be bad so bad remember.

to be continued in Chapter 4.













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