YOUNG STAR part 13

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Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017





. . . The blogs and social networks were full of the bad comments and articles about Aila, they were sharing photos of her feet,too. Someone was writing that she was a drinker, a drug addict. Someone was writing that she should leave the stage, to break off with Nicholas and just quite disappear. But there were multitude people who was writing warm and kind comments about Aila, they did not believe that photos were real.

After a few days the company held a conference, there all the journalists were invited at the conference, bloggers and even The phoenix fan clubbers. When Nicholas and Aila entered the conference hall everyone stood up and started photo shooting. They were dressed on white clothes, both looked very happy, Nicholas was kissing her too much on the cheek and they were demonstrating their couple rings. During ten minutes they were posing in front of the cameras. After it when they sat down on the table, Nicholas made an assertion about their engagement, he thanked everyone and after a few questions they left the conference.

. . . After the conference Nicholas and Aila entered the dance hall, the dancers were practising. Aila just saluted them, sat on the computer and was reading comments about herself. The people was writing very good things about her and Nicholas engagement, they were saying that, Aila and Nicholas were the best couple. Soon the rehearsal finished and everyone went home, there were only Aila and Nicholas, he was standing a little far from her and was looking at her sadly, then he came to her, sat down closer and touched her hair. Aila jumped up angrily and said him.

Aila - Today was too much, Nicho. You should not kiss and touch me such a lot.

Nicholas did not answer anything.

Aila - Please do not do this anymore, I do not want to lose the best friend.

Nicholas - It is enough Aila!

Aila - Please leave me alone!

Nicholas - I am sorry but I will not.

She suddenly shouted in a very high voice.

Aila - I am tired, why are you doing this, please leave me alone.

I do not need all this anymore, just leave me alone.

He become very angry, he pushed her on the wall and stood very close to her.

Nicholas - Are you really tired? You are selfish Aila, too much ingrate.

Are you tired from my backing? From caring? From my love?

Just tell me from which one.

He stopped for a second and again continued.

Nicholas - No Aila I am tired from waiting, waiting for you,

that when you will be able to see me.

He took her hand and put in his heart and burst into tears.

Nicholas - You are inside me, you are only one in my life.

I love you with whole my heart.

She hit him a few times and shouted.

Aila - I hate you!

She was trembling, they were standing closer to each other and suddenly opened the door. Nicholas faster hugged her to hid her tears. The TV director and a journalist entered there. Nicholas saluted them, the journalist was asking questions about their engagement and was taking some photos.

. . . The Phoenix was visiting every cities inside the country, each concert was great, their popularity was growing more and more. Aila and Nicholas were playing lovers role such a good that, everyone was talking about it.

Their tour finished soon and came back in the capital city, they had the last concert there. They rest for two days, Aila was sitting alone at home she was not answering mobile calls. She was sitting in the living room, near the windows and was looking at the city. That two days she was remembering Tom's face, every moments which she spent with him. She was remembering his smile, eyes, walking, every little part of him, Nicholas’s smile was looming in her mind from time to time

After two days The Phoenix started the dress rehearsal. They had the new elements for the last concert, with more effects and lasers. When the dress rehearsal finished, the dancers went to the changing room. There only Aila stayed, she sat on the stage and took off her dance shoes, there was half lights, Aila was touching her scrapes, she had a pain, she was bandaging it and was remembering everything about her and Nicholas and was smiling. She suddenly cleaned her tears, when heard the voice of the steps. Faster dressed on the shoes and stood up. She turned back to the stage entrance and saw Nicholas, she hugged him and whispered.

Aila - I am sorry for a long waiting . . .

Nicholas hugged her too strong and cleaned her tears.

Nicholas - You are the only one in the world . . .

He wanted to say more for her but, the lights turned on and inspection team entered the stage Nicolas looked at her, smiled and faster whispered to her.

Nicholas - I love you!

. . . When the concert started and the lights turned off then the music voice started growing, with the rhythm lasers was turning on and changing colors. There were every dancers except Aila and Nicholas.The concert was full of the beautiful specific effects, the acrobatic moments and the lasers were mixing very harmony together. During the concert the little crystal's plates were throwing down on the dancers costumes and then disappeared. The first part of the concert finished soon, Nichols and Aila entered the stage, their dance was looking as if they were flying, their bodies were mixing very harmonically. Their dance was more then just dance. When they finished the last part, Aila suddenly kissed Nicholas on the lips. Nicholas took in one's arms on her waist and he also kissed her. The spectators were shouting and whistling.

. . . After the last concert of the tour, the TV company's director gave the short vacation to the Phoenix's dancers. Nicholas moved to the Aila's apartment, they were sitting at home, were playing some games in the computer, were cooking together. Once a day Aila was visiting the psychologist, Nicholas was waiting for her outside and when she used to the seace, they were going to the supermarket to buy the products. Nichola's and Aila's relationship was such a warm and beautiful that everyone was talking and writing about them.


THE END - Part 1


. . . Aila was returning to life calmly step by step, she fell in love with Nicholas in real, they were doing everything together, they even bought a common colonial type house. Nicholas made the special big dance room with a lot of mirrors for him and AIla for dance practicing.

. . . It was about four o'clock in the morning when Nicholas was woken up by Aila's shouting, he faster jumped up and looked around but Aila was not in the bed, he stood up frightened and ran in the dance hall, Nicholas turned on the lights and saw Aila, she was laying down in the middle of the room and was raving, Nicholas woke up her and hugged, Aila was crying as a child, he did not ask anything, just helped her to stand up and slowly entered the bedroom.

. . . The next day Nicholas woke up very late and when he noticed that Aila was not in the bed, he stood up and entered the kitchen, but Aila was not there. Nicholas checked each room in the house, she was not at home. Then he checked the car but it was in the yard. Nicholas was calling her but she was not answering. He suddenly remembered about the square and went to find Aila.

. . . Aila was sitting in front of the lake with grandfather, she looked very calmly and happy. Nicholas was behind the trees and looking at her secretly, he was worrying, Nicholas wanted to call her but could not, for him it was difficult to see Aila's real condition. Aila was continuing to talk with herself, she was smiling and answering the questions as if there was another person. Nicholas suddenly become very angry and faster left the square, when he sat down into the car, called the psychologist and told everything what he had seen. And after talking with her he called Aila.

Nicholas - Aila! Where are you?

Aila - I have bought the chocolate buns, I will be soon.

Nicholas - Alright!

Aila - Do you want something else?

Nicholas - No nothing, just harry up, I am hungry

Aila - Ok!

Nicholas - Love you!

Aila - Love you too.

. . . Nicholas made a breakfast for her,and soon Aila entered the house. They were eating very quiet, even the were not looking at each other. When they finished eating Nicholas told her that a psychologist would visit them, Aila become very angry when she heard it, she faster ran in the dance room and locked the door. Nicholas was begging her to open the door, but she was not listening to him, Aila was standing in front of the mirror and was looking at herself, after a few minutes, turned on the projector and was looking some videos on the wall, where She and Nicholas were dancing. Nicholas was still knocking, and calling her but she was not listening to him. When he got tired he sat down next to the door, closed the eyes and his childhood moments were passing as a train, he was remembering everything about Aila and himself. He was smiling, but his tears were not stopping.

. . . After about two hours, Aila opened the door, Nicholas faster jumped up when he heard the voice of the door. They were standing face to face and were looking at each other, then Aila smiled and hugged him very strongly.

. . . It was the evening when the psychologist visited them. They were sitting on the terrace, drinking some fruit juice and were talking.

A psychologist - I want to show you some videos, Aila! Its needs only one minute.

Aila agreed to her, she opened the laptop and turned it on.

. . . The video was took from far away, but except this, Aila could be seen very good in the video, that how she was visiting the square almost every day and was talking to herself, Aila suddenly jumped up angrily and before she said something, a psychologist stopped her and said.

A psychologist - Aila please sit down, watch it calmly and

then you can say what do you want.

Aila again sat down on the chair and continued to watch. Nicholas was very said, he was cleaning his tears from time to time to hide it from Aila. When the video ended, Aila closed her eyes to try to remember every moments with grandfather but she could not, there was emptiness in her mind. After a few minutes she jumped up and started an abnormal laughing. A psychologist stood up and came closer to Aila, she took her hand and said.

A psychologist - If you do not make first step for your self then believe me

no one can help you. You must leave your own circle,

it is not protects you from the problems, it is just separates you

from the reality. Let's find a real inception of your hallucinations.

Aila - This is foolishness. . .

Nicholas hugged her and whispered her name. She was very frightened, she could not understand where the reality was and where the unreality. She angrily pushed him and said in a low voice.

Aila - Please! Leave me alone.

Nicholas touched her face and Aila shouted in a very low voice.

Aila - I said, please leave me alone.

A psychologist asked him to leave them, Nicholas was worrying too much, he was looking at them from the living room. A psychologist was talking with her during one hour, but Aila was not listening to her, she was just looking at the sky.

. . . A psychologist was visiting Aila everyday. They were talking almost half a day, But Aila was becoming a little strange, for the last period she was not talking with a psychologist anymore, she was just rarely saying something. Aila even was not attending the rehearsals, only Nicholas was doing everything.

. . . the one morning when Aila was sitting on the terrace, manager Dani came to her. She was telling her the Phoenix's news during one hour, she even did not stop for a minute and suddenly Aila stopped her.

Aila - I will not come back anymore.

Dani poured out the fruit juice because of unexpected and faster jumped up, she was trying to breath calmly. Aila was laughing at her but Dani was very angry, after a few seconds she asked her furiously.

Manager Dani - What do you want Aila? You definitely want my death.

Aila - I got really tired from all of it. I have chosen Sophie,

she will be the best partner for Nicholas.

Manager Dani - What? What did you say?

She started shouting.

Manager Dani - No, I am really going a crazy. Do you know what the

consequences will be? Yes, sure you definitely abnormal.

I see you have forgotten everything what you have done

for The Phoenix, I can not listen to this foolishness.

Dani angrily took her bag but Aila stopped her, she also stood up and said.

Aila - Please sit down, you have to listen to me.

They again sat down. Aila was sitting closer to her and she was smiling warmly. She tried to convince Dani and finally she agreed with Aila but Dani was still very angry and sad. She was sitting quiet and was crying, Aila smiled when she saw her tears and hugged her very strongly.

. . . The next day Aila met Sophie in the coffee bar which was closer to Aila's and Nichola's colonial.Sophie refused to be a main choreographer, she did not want to listen to Aila and stood up to leave her. Aila followed and stopped her in the entrance, Sophie looked her angrily and hugged very strongly.

. . . Aila soon came back home, when she entered the living room, she saw the big poster which was being hanged up on the left wall. She was standing for a few minutes in front of the poster and looking at herself and Nicholas, she whispered something, then smiled and entered the dance room, she touched her hand to the mirror and closed the eyes. She remembered every show which was made with Nicholas, she was looking very happy. Aila looked around, she was smiling, then she came to the computer table took a paper and started writing the letter for Nicholas. She was writing too long, when she finished went to the bedroom, packed up some clothes in the little suitcase and till she left the house, she put down on the letter the coffee table and a key of the car.

. . . Nicholas came back home very late, when he did not see the lights from the windows, he quickly ran in the house, he was calling and looking for Aila, he was too scared. When he checked every room, he shouted angrily, sat down on the sofa and suddenly noticed the letter, he faster opened it and started reading.

The letter - I have a lot of things to say you, but first of all I want to say sorry

for every second, sorry for my selfishness, sorry that I noticed

your love too late. But I have already decided to leave everything

and everyone, I am too tired Nicho.

Nicholas deeply breathed, he burst into tears and continued reading.

The letter - You know everything, every little part of my life

and because of it I think you will understand me.

It was not easy to realize my psychological problems.

Please do not worry, I just need some time,

you have to do everything for The Phoenix. . .

Nicholas stopped reading the letter and threw it. he was striking one's hand on the coffee table, he was crying as a child. After a few hours manager Dani entered the house and saw sleepy Nicholas, there were still tears on his face. Dani covered him with a bedspread and sat down on the sofa, she was looking at him sadly for a long time.


THE END – London Part 2


. . . After one month The Phoenix's company held a conference about the group's changes. The journalists questions Nicholas and Manager Dani were answering. Their fans did not like to see Sophie as a main choreographer, they were asking to company Aila's come back during half a year. The bloggers and the journalist were writing a lot of articles about Aila's strange disappearing.

. . . Time was passing Aila was not calling any one. Manager Dani was checking everyday Aila's fanclub to find any news about her. And once when she was checking the fanclub's page as usual, she saw some Aila's new photos, which were taken in London and some of them were taking in front of the dance school. Dani happily jumped up from the chair and called Nicholas.

Manager Dani - I found her! I will send you the address.

Please bring her back. . . with us Nicho.


. . . The next day Nicholas arrived in London. He hardly found the dance school, where Aila was teaching. Nicholas was waiting for her in opposite street. Soon children went out from the school and Aila was coming behind them, she was more beautiful and looked really happy. Nicholas did not wait for crossing the road and called her.

Nicholas - Excuse me beauty, I am looking for my girlfriend.

Aila faster turned back and when she saw Nicholas, burst into tears, she did not see anything around her, she was looking at him and her tears did not stop. The passers were looking at them strangely, Nicholas and Aila just were standing opposite and looking at each other.







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