See You Later

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Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



By walking through these streets Adam gets hit by memories, bad memories, the worst kind. The famous Godlington Street is the street Adam is walking, the street that’s famous for their hospital.

  The big house with bad masonry is a place that fills Adam with chills all the way down to the spine. It’s always been there but it wasn’t until Ava got sick that he ever recognized the place, now he’s standing in front of the main door, crying his brains out. Adam can’t handle his emotions, they are all over the place, it’s been like this for about a year, dating back to the last days of Ava’s life.

 Today he bought her flowers, pink roses, her favorites, he’s holding on to them tight, with such power that he almost breaks the stalk. The rage inside him is building on to him like Legos’, faster and faster as the days goes by, and for him the days go by faster than a train.

  Tear after tear runs down Adams cheeks and hits the cracked road just like the raindrops, but these raindrops are packed with sadness.

  Ever since the final day of Ava’s life Adam has completely stop living, he says good morning and good night and that’s it, the rest of the day he sits in his room gazing out the window, on all the passing cars. He has completely lost his appetite, losing about 30 pounds this last year and now he weights under 100 pounds, skinny as a beanpole.

  Adam enters the big and ugly building, with the flowers in a tight grip.

Out of the backpack he takes a little blue gift card that he bought in the neighborly supermarket yesterday, he opens the pocket on the jacket and finds a pencil, a ink pencil. With his finest handwriting he starts to scribble some words on the card.

  He puts the card in his pocket and start to head towards room 129.


Nurse Ellison is your typical nurse, friendly helpful nurse that always puts up a smile no matter what. Today was quite a hectic day, a lot of new people coming in and was in need of help, one of those patients was a man with a pea up his nose, an old lady with herpes all over the mouth and a kid with a dinosaur toy stuck up his butt. Poor old Jamie had to put up with pulling out the dinosaur for an hour while the kid was screaming all along, and the mother was certain that it would be stuck there forever. Luckily there is something called laxatives otherwise they would have been there all day.

  Nurse Ellison’s stomach is empty, dinner was 2 hours ago and adding to all that see hasn’t sleept in 16 hours so her eyes was so tired she almost fell asleep during a surgery.

  It was almost time to go home, she just had to clean up the 3 rooms that just had been used, it would only take twenty minutes, she was so happy so she rushed the first two rooms in less than 10 minutes.

 “Finally the last room” she thought to herself.

Nurse Freeman walked by and they exchanged some words.

Nurse Ellison opened the door, and suddenly freezed, she became stone cold.

In the bed lied a boy, wearing beige chinos and a big grey sweater that looked very cozy. In his left hand he had 6 pink roses and in the right he had a bloody knife. Now it wasn’t teardrops falling down, now it was a dark red fluid that looks as scary as a Stephen King novel. A pool of that very red and dark fluid was drooling around on the floor beneath the boy.

  The white sheets turned red, and so did his grey sweater, but now his eyes where as white as the sheets were before. They looked right up to the roof, the same exact way he gazed at the passing cars through his window.

  It was completely silent in the room, the only sound you could hear was the blood, falling down and hitting the pool on the floor.

“Drip” “Drip” “Drip”


Beside the bed was a bedside table, it was almost empty, the only thing standing was a little blue gift card.


“Happy Birthday Ava

I bought you some flowers

Pink roses, your favorites

See you later alligator.”

© Copyright 2018 Viktor Marklund. All rights reserved.

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