Alcohol Dreams

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The tale of my real life hallucinations induced by alcohol

Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



This is my tale of what decades of drinking alcohol can do. This article will speak to my incredible hallucinations, I will soon write a book with much more background and detail. 

I rose in the morning, had my morning whisky, and went toward the bathroom. All of a suddenly the room started to slowly turn as if mechanically controlled. I ended up in another room with the same color scheme as the room I was in. There were several people there and one man sleeping in the bed. The room didn't exist in reality. I tried to converse with them but got no response. I was worried about my wallet and placed it in a secret panel in the mantle, when I later checked for it, it was gone. I later found another room with an identical mantle, tapped it and there was the wallet. When I walked down the adjoining hall and back to the first room the room turned again and I was back in my original room. This happened many times over many days and each time was more complicated.

This continued daily to the point that I felt that I could control it by pushing a part of an ornate corner piece and it would cause the room to move and propel me to another room.

Soon thereafter as I slept, couch arms popped out of the side of the bed and a couch popped out as well .By then ,when I climbed out of the bed I couldn't climb back in so I slept on this imaginary couch. Trying to get back in bed was like climbing a mountain. The couch was full of dirt and gravel and very uncomfortable, this too lasted for days.

These are but a scratch on the surface of my many hallucinations,I will cover all of it in future publications. The cover picture is where I wound up.Luckily I was found after being passed out for days.








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