The Invader

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Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



I sat in my stool at the lab table. It was a light grey metal stool, the teacher was teaching us all about economy. I grabbed my notebook and jotted notes down as she spoke.

“Mrs. Herriott May I go to the bathroom please” Kassy said, her hand still in the air.

“Of course!” Mrs.Herriott said, smiling. Kassy left the room, ‘great my partner won't be here for awhile, Kassy takes forever to go to the bathroom. The teacher kept on talking for another 30 some minutes until we all heard a ding come on the loudspeaker, that meant there was an announcement.

“Students and teachers there is a threat in this school, please lock all doors” the principal Mr. Linden said. Then the announcement cut off. Mrs. Herriott shut the door as quickly as she could and turned off the lights.

“Grab all your stuff and bring it with you into the back room, that's the safest option for us.” Our teacher said, being as quiet as possible. I grabbed my stack of books and headed into the back room, it was a cold room with boxes on the many shelves, the air was musty. My heart pounded, it felt as though it would pop out of my chest. Mrs.Herriott counted us all off, but something was off, I looked around. Nor Regena or Kassy weren’t there.

Oh gosh, I really hope Kassy’s okay. I thought to myself. Hopefully whoevers intruding doesn't get to the bathroom.

We heard a gunshot. Everyone went silent. I started breathing heavily, my heart started pounding. I look around the room again to make sure Kassy was there. She was still not there.  I could feel my eyes starting to water, put my face into my legs, I couldn't help but cry quietly. My legs were wet with tears, my bottom eyelids started burning from my tears. Police sirens could be heard in the distance. We heard many footsteps coming up the steps to us. I looked up, wiping my eyes with my grey sweatshirt sleeve. My heart started going to a normal pace, I started breathing normally again. We all heard a bloodcurdling scream, the footsteps ran down the steps again. Our teacher unlocked the door, many people rushed out of the room, I grabbed my books and rushed out. The principal came on the loudspeaker.

“Students and teachers, it is clear, we are able to let you out now.” he said, breathing a little louder.

I ran to my locker and opened it up, I got out my backpack and slid all my stuff in there. Everyone was chattering on and on about the intruder. I let it slide past me, I kept smiling, I was lucky I was still able to be alive. Kassy ran up to me.

“You on for movie night?” she said, smiling.

“You know it!” I said smiling, walking out of the school with Kassy.

The Next day the news came on, The headline was LOCAL STUDENT KILLED IN SCHOOL SHOOTING. ‘Hm If it wasn't Kassy, who was killed’ I thought to myself. Then the name hit me. Regena Carol. The one who bullied me since 1st grade. It felt good to not have her around, But something felt wrong about it. Her family must be so devastated.

“Mom, You know Regena Carol? She was killed in the school shooting, If you know her mom can you tell her if she needs anything, i’m here” I said, drinking my cup of coffee.

“Yes she works at my work, and I will ask her” She said coming to sit down on the couch. I got my backpack and gave my mom a hug goodbye, I then shut the door quickly and ran to the bus stop.


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