Literature - (Lit-rate-you're)

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The undeniable connection poetry has with humans. The potential it has in rekindling souls that perish in melancholy. It is lit, it is lit.

Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



Literature – (Lit-rate-you’re)

>> Lit_

From the deepest masculine roar resounding from the podium

To the sweetest melody coming from the queen right on his right

The animated crowds that zealously keep their eager ear rightly open

With one accord, though silently in their now alright hearts, they say

It was lit. It was lit!

For, the valley, however dark

The mountain, however high

There are the birds, and however small or big

Fierce or friendly, they accordingly sing their songs in due time

The fierce lions will bow their brown fur

The friendly sheep scratch their white fur

With one accord, although diverse in their nature, they agree

It was lit. Lit, it was lit!

>> _rate_

The astonished crowds turn their heads around, their souls wander

They think they are finally hearing the sounds from the heavens of wonder

Their minds perish into the podium where wonder ponds are nurtured

They cannot believe rhymes and tunes from the heavens can come just so naturally

Their faces stunned, their mouths agape, there, their reflections through each other

It is the reflections from their souls, because they realize they are one in nature

At a rate of knots, with one accord, though diverse they realize their true natural definition

They are all defined by the same, non-diverse, literary principle, and all bound by the same art

Although lost within the words, their souls are rated the most natural, pure, original and sane

For, the voice, however deep or sweet

The rhyme, however rhythmic or jumpy

Literature in poetry, rates our souls to a state perfect even without definition

She is first rate art! She first rates our souls!

>> _you’re

Individuals’ souls separately rolled back in time

They are taken aback when they realize what has truly brought them to this time

Unapologetic irresistible nostalgic waves drift them back to their diverse melancholies

Their pre-time situations so tragic, their hearts break at the sound of their diverse sad melodies

Struggling for strength they are drowning in shadows of their universes

All they want is just one breath above the surface of the waves that swallow them

They tend to forget even the waves speeding above them possess some poetry

Behold, whether above or beneath, you’re there to carry them to life

Life that never really has to matter, whether dark or bright

For, however the tribulation, you find and you’re found

However the jubilation, you find and you’re found

For to the rejoicing and to the perishing, there, you are

You are! And you are!

YOU’RE a LIT first RATE art!!!

Mongi C. Nkabindze

© Copyright 2019 The1SwaziGambler. All rights reserved.

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