Lifeless #2 The majestic library

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After she discovered the truth about her parents, her new residence was hiding a bigger secret. She came to discover more about the world she lived in, she has to act in order to survive.

~~This is the second part of Lifeless ~~

Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



Later that night, when everyone was asleep, I sneaked in the library. It was majestic! The moonlight coming from the marvelous ceiling made of colorful glass was the only light but it was enough to lighten the entire library. For a moment, without realizing, I found myself walking between the library aisles staring at them. Suddenly, I heard a noise, is someone coming this way? I thought to myself. No! it was more like an animal howling. I followed the sound, it lead me to a door. When I opened it, my jaw dropped to the floor. On the other side was something none could have expected to see in his life, but well, not that people would have believed that dead and yet alive people exist among us either. In front of me stood cages, hundreds of them, and inside the cages were the most amazing creatures I have ever seen. Inside some animal looking creatures like what you would call chimeras. A dog-headed seal, an eagle with four legs, some other creatures I could not even tell what they were, others looked just fine, well their shapes were fine, however, they were sparkling in stunning colors as if a rainbow has set itself on their skins and feathers. Some glittering light pierced my hypnotized gaze. I moved towards it to find a fairy floating in the air I stretched my hands towards her. But, before I could reach her I heard the howling sound again, it was coming from behind the cages. Another door was hiding there. The moment I opened it I felt sick, as if my guts got twisted at the sight in front of me. Unlike what I have seen before opening this door, this was nothing to feel delighted about. These cages were holding something that was deprived of life. The creatures looked in so much pain and agony. It looked like someone has been messing with the order of nature. There was some humans held captive also, I tried moving forwards but my feet could not move. At that moment, I heard someone coming, the fear made me run inside the room and hid myself. Someone entered, I could not see clearly who it was but he had a child with him. I remember this kid; he used to make huge commotions  during breakfast that it is impossible not to notice him. The old man looked like a scholar. It is quite easy to distinguish the scholars in their simple dark brow robes. The boy was not moving; it looked like he has been sedated. The old man put him on the table and started tying his arms and legs. Another scholar entered and they started talking about some sort of experiment. Something that involved this boy and some blue fox from the other room. This boy is going to be used for their experiments! Does this mean that all of these creatures here are experiments of such atrocity?! I felt nausea but I had to held it in until I can leave this loathsome place. The scholars seemed to have something to look at, as soon as they left the room I took the chance to leave the place unnoticed. I return to the dormitory and crawled in my bed. I could barely sleep that night. As the morning sun rose, I tried finding the boy among the crowd, but it was in vain, after all, it was obvious that since you were taken there, you would never be back. From that day, i started noticing that children are going missing one at the time, and I had an idea where they were gone. Despite all the fear that was flowing through my body as electrical charges, I decided to go again to that place. 'Tonight would be the last time', I told myself. I sneaked in again and hid in the same place. The next thing I saw was similar to the other night. Scholars came with a child, tied him to the wooden table and brought one fantastic animal. They conducted another alchemy experiment on this child. I was trembling in my spot, regretting being here, this poor kid, I can not imagine myself in his place. The door opened suddenly and the officer entered in a haste, he looked at the kid and somehow the expression on his face softened as if he got relieved. The scholars spoke 'it is not the right one, it failed again'

'I see, let me take care of this', he replied.

As soon as they left the room, he turned and came to me

'What do you think you are doing here?'

'I... I had to see what was going on'

'I am just glad it was not you, now go back to your room and stay there'

'But this so very wrong, these poor children, and those people in the cage too'

'You should have guessed by now who those people were'

'Could they be the people that I have been...? Oh no! You used me, you are using all of us'

'Stop arguing and return to your room at once'

, I wanted to do something. However, that would put both of us in danger.

I had to end this charade. I returned to my bad and started thinking of a plane. I could only think of running away with all the other kids. The next morning I wrote the message and had it passed among the children ' these people are using us, the children who are gone missing did not get sick as we were told, they are being sacrificed, we must escape this place. tonight I will make a diversion while everyone escapes'. The only distraction I had in mind were the cages, I had to open them, that way it would create a diversion and give the children the opportunity to escape. I did what I had to do, I released the creatures from their cages and while the adults were all running in panic, we took our fate in hand and run for our freedom. 


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