Gates of Hell

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Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



Gates of Hell


Blind folded I walk through the gates of hell all around I feel the eyes of the damned looking upon me one by one their eyes pierce my flesh like a hot blade thrust through me again and again. Feeling pain like nothing else felt my flesh blisters and melts from me exposing the skeleton beneath slowly as I melt away thoughts of my past sins come to haunt me as I fall to my knees wishing I could wake from this nightmare I am in.


As I raise my head I see the fires of hell all around, finish me now and let me be no more, cast me into a place where I am neither in heaven or hell send me to my shadow land let me drift from realm to realm lost in an eternal nightmare of witch there is no escape.


As I walk along my path visions of my past flash before me everything bad from an empty life rushes at me with the force of a steam train hitting a wall, one by one my past deeds cut through me like a knife slashing away only stopping as each vision ends and another begins.


Each night I lay down my head to sleep and walk through the gates of hell, night after night another dream begins and another nightmare comes to pass. As day time ends and a blanket of night covers the land I wonder how long I can remain awake, for when I finally lay down my head I no ill walk once again through the gates of hell and into the fires of damnation forever more.



By Bunzy 02/11/17

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