Korin of Venigast

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Enter a world of legend where magic reigns supreme and the sword is its adversary. Anastasia Korin, a native of the country of Venigast studied long and hard to master--Legacy, a weapon arts skill
that only a female could wield. Its power grew within her and soon she had established a loyal following within her own country, but she wanted to travel, to visit other lands, to make her mark
upon the world of Calderon. With her trusted companion Sebastian Vale, she set out to seek her glory, but little did she know that Legacy was a two edge sword. For every power, there are those
seeking it.

This is a beginning for a story I'm trying to start soon. I hope to make it into a completed book, but for now I'm probably going to make it a short story series.

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Breaking Loose

Submitted: November 02, 2017

Anastasia and Sebastian have not long left Venigast. A short break at a nearby eatery has stalled them, but hell has broken loose. The renegade band of Talron has their eyes set on the two as they
emerged from the diner. Flames have broken loose as Sebastian struck first, but the fight isn't over yet. (The prologue is told from the viewpoint of Sebastian, but the main story will reflect a
more conventional approach.)
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