Korin of Venigast

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Anastasia and Sebastian have not long left Venigast. A short break at a nearby eatery has stalled them, but hell has broken loose. The renegade band of Talron has their eyes set on the two as they
emerged from the diner. Flames have broken loose as Sebastian struck first, but the fight isn't over yet. (The prologue is told from the viewpoint of Sebastian, but the main story will reflect a
more conventional approach.)

Prolog (v.1) - Breaking Loose

Submitted: November 02, 2017

Reads: 105

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



Flame and fury roared as I stood in the smoky fields of Venigast. The haze of death fell across my vision as another soul was taken by my blade. I sidestepped the next warrior who opposed me and slashed across his neckline. The head toppled to the ground with a thud as the body dropped aside it in a dusty ashen cloud. Smoke stung my eyes and sweat poured across my forehead, but I couldn’t stop the fighting now. It was all I could do to survive the mess.

Scratches and bruises ached with every move, yet I didn’t have time to care about them. Each man who faced me forfeited his life for a cause neither of us knew. Warriors all of them, clad in leather with black iron mail and dark gauntlets. The emblem scrawled on their foreheads was something no one had seen before. A triangle encircled by a snake with a sword piercing through the top.

 I glanced over at my partner. She was fending off the remnants that clamored to take her from behind. The katana she wielded sang as she swung it in a twirling arc around her. The blade glimmered a bright blue from the mystic arts she practiced—Legacy, an ancient enchantment magic that fused fighting spirit into the weapons of the people who used them. The sword swiftly cut through her foes dismembering the arms and legs before a diagonal strike from clavicle to hip caused the bodies to erupt their innards in a spray of bloody rain. The movement was sinuous like a serpent, but ultra fast.

Her name was Korin. Anastashia Korin. She always used her last name, since it was unisex and sounded more legendary. At least, that was the way she put it when I asked her about it once. Her flame red hair flowed across her shoulders as she settled in her finishing stance. She tried teaching me her art form, but I had not the patience to learn the enchantments, plus her art could truly only be wielded by her. She did, however, bless me with an enchanted blade. Yeah, my own katana held the element of flame. It was the reason everything around us was charred earth now.

The power apparently drew its strength from our fighting spirits. Mine seemed to be like a volcano. The first swipe ignited the fields and charging front-liners from this band of renegades. It seemed overpowered, but I liked it. Ana said she’d teach me to control the Phoenix Flame later, but for now we were to eliminate all enemies.

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