ERB: Rammstein vs Yousei Teikoku

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Ever wanted to see the god of German metal rap to the God of Japanese metal? read this!! I like both of these artists! Comment!

Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017




Rammstein vs Yousei Teikoku

Ramm: Oh look who we have here, a shame in metal, who can’t even say German! She thinks she is a god, well look who is the god of metal! You probably got your ideas from a fucking comic book, I am a poet, unlike your trashy shitty lyrics that aren’t even great.


Yui: When did I get arrested? Oh wait I didn’t, I have some dope and meaningful lyrics, while all you talk about is big dicks and woman! At least I have a soft spot, unlike you when you ripped on your parents, Du Hast more like Du Suck!


Ramm: Okay look, how many awards have you won? Oh that is right none, you aren’t even metal, you started out as a shitty J Pop singer, all you think metal is, is just some poppy bullshit which has no meaning, more like a fairy goddess more like a copycat, Your home girls Babymetal has more fans than your shows! Call me bad, but at least I have millions


Yui: Oh wait, sorry, I didn’t understand you, did you say you had side projects, BITCH I had seven! I sang in game soundtracks and got my shit in anime, all you got is two movies and a shitty fanbase! I was the original poet! And you are just a old dude doing metal, go back and listen to Metallica, more like Buck Dich, well at least I ain’t a Bïg Dick!




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