Forever is a Lie

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Forever is a lie. Nothing lasts forever. All we have is what is between hello and goodbye.

Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



"Hey sunshine. What's the matter? Feeling overcast?" Walking up from behind, she slung her backpack down at my feet. Sitting down next to it, she folded her legs underneath herself. Hair was pulled back into a not on top of her head, loose strands falling down around her. She was wearing a black T-shirt with a pair of blue jeans, the sides of the fabric hugging the curves of her hips. Tilting her head back, she looked up to me with that beautiful smile painted acrossed her face.

Rolling my eyes. "I am perfectly wonderful, thank you very much. How are you?" Looking over to her backpack, she grabbed it and began to rummage through its contents. The sound of plastic crinkling made its way through the air. Out of the bag, she produced her camera. Taking a moment to turn it on, she flipped her head back with the camera as her eyes and clicked a picture. She had always had a fondness for picture taking. Sometimes she would let me go through her pictures and I would find that she took a variety of different shots. Some were of friends that she knew, others where of scenery. There were also a few of random people that she just liked what they had written on their shirt. Every once in a while there would be a picture that was of nothing. Literally she would just like what color the sky was and so she would whip out her camera and take a picture of nothing but the sky. The first time that I saw one of these pictures, I thought that she was just testing her camera or something. So, I deleted a picture of a blue square. She for one, was not too happy. A lesson was learned that day, the trash button was off limits to everyone but her.

Removing the camera from the front of her face she answered, "The sun is shining and the sky is blue. It feels like a good day." Tilting her head back forward, she then proceeded to go through her pictures. Reaching forward, I wove my hand into her hair. It had been nearly two months since I last saw her and it was a relief to see her again.

"Wanna go for some lunch today? I already packed." She said this without looking up, her camera clicking as she pressed the buttons.

Outside the sun was shining there were only one or two clouds floating around. The temperature was warm. Today was gonna be a good day. "Which one?"

"I was thinking about Car canyon for today. It's always nice there." That and it was my favorite. We always tried to meet for lunch everyday. During the warmer months we would go for a hike and bring food with us. For colder months we would just go and get takeout to bring home. Reaching over, I grabbed her bag and slung it over my shoulder. "Did you remember the peanut butter?"

Visibly rolling her eyes, she shook her head, "I always remember the peanut butter." Moving to her feet, she stood back up and followed after, taking another picture.

The drive out only took about ten minutes. I drove with the windows down as she took more pictures,. Some were the scenery, others were the insides of the car, occasionally she would scream, "SMILE!" Which would scare the crap out of me, thinking I was about to run something over, only to hear the click of her camera and to find a grin behind it. "You are such a spaz." She said as she looked back to the road. "Its a wonder you didn't wreck."

"Uh huh, and who's fault would that be?" I smiled.

"Not it! Your the one behind the steering wheel." Sinking her self down into her seat she started to flip through her pictures once more. "Speaking of, how have you been since I left?"

Snorting at this comment. "The fact that I am here should prove how I have been. By the way, where the hell did you put my birth certificate? I tried to find it the other day to apply for work and couldn't."

Smiling, she looked over, "I put it on the bookshelf in the white binder. That's where I put all the important stuff." The wind whipped at the strands of hair that had fallen into her face.

"Why on earth would you put it there? Doesn't that make it easier for someone to steal it?" Turning down the dirt road that led to the opening of the canyon, the car rustled back and forth along the rocks, causing everything in the car to shift.

Sitting back up in her seat, she laid the camera in her lap as she moved with the car. "Putting it in the most obvious place makes it the most clever. While people are looking through filing cabinets and the backs of drawers, it gets to sit there and laugh at their failure."

Pulling the car to a halt at the small rest area before the trail, I looked over at her triumphant smile. "Well it did quite a bit of laughing when I was looking for it." Reaching around behind her seat, I grabbed her bag and put it over my shoulders as I climbed out. Making my way around, I opened her door and bowed. "My lady."

Moving her legs, she hopped out and did a small courtsey. "Why thank you." Pulling her camera up, she took another picture as I posed. Looking at the photo, she smiled.

"Anytime." Closing the door, I offered my hand and she tangled her fingers within my own. We walked over while swinging hands, taking in the scenery around us. There was an old cattle fence that surrounded the clearing. Weeds had grown up around it and half of it was falling apart. The grass was tall and green, moving with the breeze. The tree in the very middle was a willow tree, limbs hanging down to touch the dirt benieth it. Its blossoms were a red cherry color with some of the flowers were decorating the ground already.

We stopped in front of the old picnic table that was painted blue. Edges of the table had the paint chipped off where people had sat and rubbed their arms against it. She squeezed my hand as she gestured toward the table, "eat here and we can head up if we have extra time?"

I nodded before slinging the backpack down onto the table. Pulling the chair back, I put a hand out, "Have a seat." She smiled as she tucked her legs under the table and scooted down the side. Laying her camera down on the table, she grabbed at the backpack and opened the zipper. Scooting in next to her, I watched as she produced two sandwiches and two bottles of water. She got an apple while I stuck to my favorite of Funions. Opening the bag that contained the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I took a bite and savored the sweet childhood memories. She did the same with her sandwich but unlike myself, she hated peanut butter so her's was just jelly. "That sandwich is a disgrace to all of mankind."

Looking at her sandwich and back to me, she made a pouting face as she looked, "It is not. I find it to be ten times better than what you people eat, thank you very much."

The first time we had gone on one of these picnics, she came with two jelly sandwiches thinking that everyone ate it like that. The overwhelming sugar attack from the first bite nearly killed me.

Finishing the rest of the crust, I moved over and nestled my head into the side of her neck, taking in her sweet scent and warmth. Reaching over, I grabbed the back of Funions. Crinkling the bag open to allow the smell of the chips contaminate the air. Watching the breeze disturb the stillness of the scenery, the crunch of the chips echo in my mind as I grazed through the bag.

Gleaming through lunch, I looked up to find the sun still beaming down at its highest spot in the sky. Taking one last breath, I pulled my hands together and wadded the bag into ball adding various other pieces that had already been picked through. It had grown to be customary that the one who was given the meal was the one to clean up afterwards, whether it be a few pieces of trash or a pile of dishes. Though there were times where the mind could wonder as to her process for making cereal.

Discarding the garbage into the designated can, I turned around to find her packing the reuse able pieces back into her bag. Slipping the straps over her shoulders, she tugged on the tails like a second grader, causing the bag to raise up to fit in the small of her back. Grinning as big as she could, she grabbed her camera and started to march towards the trail.

Walking next to her, you could watch the trees as they started to change colors from greens to auburn, orange, yellow and brown. The wind continued to blow by, causing a chill to crawl all over. Looking over, she was crouched down off to the side with her camera in front of her face. Moving her hand, she waved away, “Don't look at me. It takes away from the shot.”

Smiling, I turned my face back up the incline and posed with fists on the tops of my hips, chest pushed outward in a victorious manner. Making a snorting noise followed by a click, she stood back up and continued up the plain. “Have you ever considered being a run way model?”

Grinning from ear to ear I answered, “Of course but then I would have to shave my legs.”

Visually cringing, she shuddered at the horror, “This is true.”

Watching as she contemplated, I finally asked, “Why do you like to take pictures so much?”

Reaching her camera up to replace her face, she turned and snapped a picture of the scenery. Pulling the camera back down, she looked at the picture and smiled, “This is why.” Pushing the camera into my hands, I looked down to find a picture of myself. It was the day that we had both gone hiking for the first time when we were both in school. My face was beat red with sweaty hair plastered to my face. It had been a year or so since I had done any uphill anything. I was flat out done by the time we reached the first sign. But I was bound and determined to show that I was worth something. Getting up to the top, I ran out of gas and laid out flat. Thanks to my better half's preparation, she sat down with her legs crossed and handed me a sandwich. Granted, it took me about an hour before I was able to consider the walk back down. That was when she told be that everything gets better with practice. So, I am now a master of this mountain and she is a master of non-diabetes-giving sandwiches.

Smiling, I looked back to her as she spoke, “Every picture is a moment in time that is made immortal. So long as you don't loose the picture, you will always be able to recall everything within the frame.” Looking up to the sky, she watched as the last of the leaves fell. “People say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I find that to be untrue. To me, a single picture is priceless. Its a moment in time that will always be. That's just something that I find amazing. If we really wanted to, we could live forever within a moment.”

Pulling the camera up like she used to, she smiled as I pressed the button. Pulling the camera down, I looked to the picture to find it barren of her existence. I looked up to find her still smiling, only now a tear was sliding down her delicate face. Only wanting to wipe it away, I reached my hand forward only to catch air. She was nothing more than a picture.

Snow started to fall with the wind whipping at the now barren trees. The howl of it all ripped through just like it had before. Clutching at the memory, she continued to smile. Just like she was supposed to. The squeal of tires whipped by, looking up, I found nothing but the sky growing darker, blackening the world underneath. Turning back around, there was nothing, all of it was gone.

The gut wrenching pain of it hit all over again. Opening my eyes only to find myself alone. The bed was cold without her there. Pulling the covers over my head, I hid my face as the tears streamed. She was gone. Nothing more than a fading dream. Reaching my hand over to the night stand, I grabbed the photo album. Pulling it under to where I was, flipping through the pictures for what was probably the millionth time. Once her camera was returned, I went and developed all of the photos. It was an attempt for closure but all it did was break my heart even more. In all the pictures she took, not a single one had her in it. There were plenty of me posing and smiling. But none to remind me of what she looked like.

We always used to say that we would be together forever, but forever was a lie. Nothing lasts forever. Now she was nothing but a fading memory that would soon be gone. And all I had was what happened between hello and the never spoken goodbye. The heart ache of it all made me sick. Rolling over, I buried my face into her pillow.

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