"The Judge

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Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



It was a Saturday morning I had just woken up. I yawned and got up and checked my

Phone I had gotten no messages. I walked out of my room and went downstairs. 

My dad was usually gone either at work or out running errands on Saturday mornings. I checked the garage door both cars were gone. I thought nothing of it and walked over and got some cereal and put it in a bowl. Half way through breakfast our home phone rang.  I got up to answer the phone. It was UPS. They said 


"Hi we have a package for your dad but we forgot your address if you could please give it to us that would be super and we will deliver your package? Thanks." 


I agreed and told them our addresses. I hung up and finished my breakfast,I walked over to the family room and put the T.V. On. A few minutes went bye and my phone went off I answered it was my dad. 


"Hey Matt listen carefully one of my clients who I work for have gotten released from jail today. And they have been calling me with threats. If anyone calls us and asks for our address "Don't Give them it." 


I got chills and told my dad what had happened with UPS. He paused and said ok "listen carefully go to our neighbors house and wait for me there I will be home soon. I said "Ok" and I ran for my neighbors house. I told her what happened and she let me wait for my dad in her house. 

A few minutes went bye my dad got home and checked our house out. When a black van pulled up and a guy got out of the car with a knife and walked over to my house. I froze in a panic as my neighbor called the police. I watched as the man broke down our door. A few minutes went bye we heard screams. The police showed up to the house and we saw the man who had Brocken in being taken out in handcuffs. 

My dad came out and talked to us.and thanked our neighbor. My dad was a judge and he put that guy in jail for committing a murder in the past were not sure why he was released but we know he is now back in jail hopefully staying for the rest of his life.

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