A Capper's Tale

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Submitted: November 02, 2017

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Submitted: November 02, 2017



A heart turned blue

A tear stream sad .

It's hard to lose something

that you've always had.

Been with you always

since the day of birth.

Gone in a moment

then you are left hurt.

Wondering what you did

to deserve this pain ?

And why you never can be the same ?

It was beautiful

a treasure of your life.

And now it is hiding

away from your sight.

Every now and then

it reappears

but to lose it again

is a constant fear.

You weep by night

and sigh by day

wondering if your prayers can make it stay.

It takes time

for the missing to grow .

But , being unsure

is a deep dark hole.

You change your life

and treat it right.

You try to cleanse

your body and mind.

Wondering if you'll prevail

but it's out of your control

and to no avail

With or without

you are always you.

With the same kind heart

and life a new.

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