hard times

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take it from me . sometimes shit sucks i mean really sux. like not havnt money to pay the rent so you gotta sleep in a doug out . or gotta drive with no insurance use you gotta go to work and you
need money to eat not to live. or been in and outta jail. or had that one girl rip you heart out and jump and dance on it infront of you for your whole life just cuz she knows she can and you just
have to chin up and smile and say its ok ..

Submitted: November 03, 2017

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Submitted: November 03, 2017



this is for those who might feel stuck trapped or just assed out 


It dont matter the case 

or you race 

and nothing you learn in class 

could  teach your ass 

sometimes we just gotta play the hand we were delt 

somethimes we just gotta hold our head up high n forget the pain we felt 

sometimes its not about the hand we play. 

its about the respect we earn by sitting at the table playing through the dirty hands

its about being able to say i pushed through till the end 

its not about how many friends we have 

its not about how full your pockets are 

sometimes its just about the feeling

the fact that you are in the game 

for the chance that you could win or lose a a drop of a dime

its about knowing that nomatter what you made it to the table.

its about that when its all over you can say it was all you. 

win or lose 

you made it. 

you did the best you could. 

you knew all the out comes and you still went through.

that is real 

and not many people can say they are real. 

cuz not many people will be real enough to do what you just did. 


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