Greener Grasses

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I've actually gotten mixed interpretations on whether or not this poem is happy or sad. Let me know what you think :)

Submitted: November 03, 2017

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Submitted: November 03, 2017



Write them a love song

Make me sound better

Say you've not lived 'til the day that you met her

Embellish with tales about how we first met

How we have no regrets

How we're not finished yet


Write them a love song

Make yourself charming

You stop my breath, and your smile's disarming

Say you can't take your eyes off of me

And you made me believe

And our hearts are set free


Write them a love song

Write us forever

Write all the things they expect you to tell her

Say that our love is more than just words

Or haven't you heard

That's how all this works


Write them a love song

Make us sound flawless

Leave out the things that make our life a mess

Like how I can't breath in that little black dress

How you fail all my tests

And we're doing our best


Write them a love song

And we'll play the part

Tell all the girls 'bout how you stole my heart

And put greener grasses in place of the old

Cuz that's all people know

And that's all we will show


Write me a sad song

Make me feel better

Cuz you know it too, that we're hopeless together

We'll make that smile smear over our faces

It's the life that we chose

And now we're getting old

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