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When two coworkers just cant hold back any longer...

Submitted: November 03, 2017

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Submitted: November 03, 2017



Alarm goes off at 5: ooAM blaring through the surprisingly loud smart phone speakers. It’s another day in the ho-hum life of Trent an early 40’s IT specialist whose life has been nothing but a disappointment so far. Disappointing to him as he does make good money, has a huge house in the suburbs and a wife but still Trent is unhappy, see Trent is shy and insecure and has gone through some personal issues early in his life but to make matters worse Trent has a wandering eye, he likes the ladies and spends a lot of time on dating apps and websites, discreetly of course.

Today starts out like every other day, after Trent snoozes the alarm and sleeps for another 10 minutes the alarm wakes him up again and this time he goes to the shower, from there the usual get dressed, walk the dogs, and head to work.

Trent has an hour commute to work and every morning on the way to work he thinks of what else sex. He thinks of his hot coworkers that he’s about to see or random girls that he has run into recently and rubs his dick through his pants until he gets hard, sometimes he even plays porn videos on his phone so he can hear them through his car speakers. This is routine for Trent getting all hot and bothered on the way to work. Once at work Trent hopes to run into different coworkers that he has a crush on, there’s the short pretty but somewhat insecure girl that he works with every now and then, he calls her “cupcake” not to her face of course just in his own head. Why cupcake you ask? Well some time ago she brought him some cupcakes to his desk and voila she’s been cupcake to him ever since.

Some innocent flirtation has taken place between Trent and cupcake but nothing has come off it and now she is also engaged so that complicates things further. Then there’s the Indian girl with the pretty smile and long black hair that drives him crazy even though she is a bit tomboyish Trent finds her irresistible. He just calls her “V” and her name starts with the letter V. she has taken part in many of his fantasies, of course all in his head so she has no idea. But mostly Trent is really hoping and praying to run into his tall, dark, long haired, banging body Latina that he has been eyeing for a long time. She is a dream come true with her beautiful complexion, her angelic voice and most of all her hot tight body. Now even though they work for the same company Trent has never really met his Latin beauty, their jobs do not cross over where they have to interact, Trent doesn’t even know her name, he just stares from afar whenever he sees her.

See Trent is kind of shy and socially awkward, as well as married so just hitting on girls just like that is not in his repertoire, but one day the stars were aligned and Trent got his chance. He locked his computer and got up to stretch his legs and get a drink of water, when he walks in the kitchen there she was Latin beauty in all her glory wearing tight black pants with a tight colorful top that just hugged every inch of her oh so nice it’s like time slowed down for a moment and a bright spotlight went on her and 70’s porno music started playing in the background “bow chicka wow wow”.  They locked eyes for a moment but being super shy Trent looked away quickly and went straight to fill his water bottle. As the water is guzzling down from the ‘bubbler’ as we say here in new England, Trent hears steps coming in his direction, Latin Beauty had made it a point to walk across the room past an empty sink to use the sink next to the ‘bubbler’ Trent was at. As she got nearer Trent got a whiff of her soft sexy perfume and all he could think off was grabbing her by the waist and bringing her in close and kisses those soft beautiful lips while his hands explored that amazing body of hers. But of course this was all in his head because as soon as she got close enough she says “hello” and all Trent could think off was wow “oh hell yeah” can’t believe she made her way across the room just to talk to me and now here is the chance I have been waiting for let me think how I want to play this, I am going to be smooth and Denzel like you know, show her my Puerto Rican swag, let her know that I’m a “monstro” in the sheets that I’m the “Papi” that she needs so here goes nothing, and what came out of Trent? A simple “Hi”, not a “Hi how are you”, or “hello my name is…” nothing that was planned in his head it was a simple, basic, epic fail of a Hi, and to make matters worse he didn’t even look at her when he said it and quickly just ran away.

Trent was kicking himself for days; he just couldn’t believe what happened. He spent days agonizing over that tragic “hi”, but after a while he begins to think a little clearly again and on the positive side she did make the first move and she did walk across the kitchen past and empty sink to get to the sink next to Trent so that means she has some interest. So Trent now has to come up with a plan to talk to her because she will no longer be making any moves to get near him after he basically blew her off.

So one day the company is having a crafts fair to raise money for a local charity, Trent doesn’t think too much of it other than to donate some money to a good cause. Walking into the Kitchen where the crafts fair was set up to his welcomed surprise he sees his Latin Beauty at one of the craft tables, she’s a volunteer and heading one of the tables. This is his opportunity now, even though he is super nervous and anxious about it he knows he may never get another chance so he waits until there is no one at her table and makes his way towards her, with his heart beating a million miles an hour he manages to once again say “hi”, only this time he looks her in the eyes and smiles, Latin Beauty smiles back and replies “hi”.

They discuss the crafts on her table and make small talk, she eventually introduces herself to him her name is blah blah blah, Trent shakes her hand and introduces himself, as they shake he feels her soft, warm, impeccably manicured hand and all he could think of was how good it would feel to get a hand job from this soft, beautiful hand. He starts to feel his dick getting hard so quickly back to reality he goes as the make more small talk. The kitchen starts getting full of people now and Trent gets a little nervous so he asks blah blah blah to recommend a piece for him and she recommends a homemade dream catcher that she put together herself so Trent buys it from her, says his pleasantries and back to his desk he goes on a natural high from this pleasant encounter with his Latin Beauty.

A couple of days go by and Trent hasn’t seen blah blah blah and is considering sending her an email since he finally knows her name. He searches the company’s directory for her name and before he’s able to click on send he receives an instant message from…. blah blah blah

She wanted to thank him for buying the dream catcher, Some light innocent instant messaging flirting happens, but both knowing this is company IM do not  get too flirty or forward so they keep it light and sweet and professional.

Blah blah blah mentions taking a break as she wants to get away from her computer for a few minutes. Trent asks her if she’d like some company to which Blah blah blah responds yes. So they decide to go down to the break room on the first floor as it is bigger and more comfortable. Its late morning so the cafeteria is winding up breakfast and about to close to get the lunch menu ready so there are very few people in the break room with Trent and Blah blah blah.

So they meet and sit in a booth and they talk, they talk about each other’s lives and likes and dislikes, finally they get to more personal questions as Blah blah blah asks Trent about that wedding band on his left ring finger. Trent comes clean and says yes he is married and then asks Blah blah blah about the rings on her left ring finger, she says she is divorced but still wears the rings to keep “idiots” and “little boys” away as she does not like younger men as well as to spite her ex because the rings are too nice to give back.

 She asks more questions about his marriage and even though it makes Trent uncomfortable he hopes that by being honest he scores some points with Blah blah blah. Well 15 minutes had just about gone by so back to work they head, they both seem happy with the conversation as they laughed together and enjoyed each other’s company. They walk to the elevator the doors open and Trent being the gentleman lets Blah blah blah in first, she walks in and lays against the elevator wall next to the button panel, Trent comes in and leans in to press the button for the second floor, Blah blah blah moves towards Trent as he leans in to press the button and their eyes now lock as all of a sudden they are in very close proximity to each other. Trent makes a joke about good thing he had a breathe mint earlier and just like that Blah blah blah lunges the rest of the way and kisses Trent in the mouth.

Almost immediately Trent’s hands go right to Blah blah blah’s waist as he pulls her in and starts kissing her back. Her hands go around his neck and she pulls away for a second to whisper in his ear “que rico papi” which means she’s really enjoying the kiss. Trent can’t help but be excited and his dick is now hard and showing through his jeans. Blah blah blah can’t help but feel it on her body so she reaches down and rubs it over his jeans, she loves how big and hard it is, she undoes the buttons on the front of his designer jeans and pulls out his hard dick, she starts tugging on it and Trent can’t believe his luck, while she tugs on his dick he has a handful of her big beautiful ass, while this is happening they both realize that the elevator button was never pressed and that anybody can come in and discover them in the elevator, but they don’t care it actually adds to the excitement.

Blah blah blah then goes down in a crouch like a baseball catcher and starts to give Trent some explosive head; she licks the shaft all the way up to the head before it disappears in her mouth. Trent grabs the back of Blah blah blah’s head and face fucks her, holding her head against his waist as she deep throats his dick, he waits until he hears that beautiful sound of her gagging on his dick before he lets go.  Trent then picks her up turns her around and pull down her pants revealing the most beautiful ass he has ever seen, Trent bend her over and pulls her pink thong to the side as he starts licking her beautiful pink pussy lips, she starts to moan as Trent’s licks get faster and faster, he loves the sweet taste of her beautiful musky pink box. Trent then inserts his middle and ring finger in her pussy while he tongues her asshole. Blah blah blah’s knees start to shake as she struggles to hide her moans as they are still in the elevator and other people could hear them.

Blah blah blah grabs Trent’s head and pushes it deeper against her gorgeous ass, Trent keeps licking and fingering until Blah blah blah lets out a moan and climaxes. She pulls up her pants and gest on her knees  and tells him to cum in her mouth, Trent begins to face fuck her like crazy until he is getting close he pulls out of her mouth tells her to stick her tongue out and cums on her tongue, she swallows all his load, sucking every last drop out.

They both now fix themselves up and finally press the elevator button to go up. They get out the elevator and give each other a “can’t believe we just did that look” and both go their separate ways.

The next morning Trent gets to work and logs in to his computer when an Instant message is received form Blah blah blah, “want to take another break?” to which Trent smiles and responds “of course, how about the stairs this time?”


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