the steamed

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misunderstood and reckless.. worthless but not for long ..

Submitted: November 03, 2017

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Submitted: November 03, 2017



Do you ever feel misunderstood?.. mislead and misread.. like no one listens or cares enough to get to know you?.. well if youre reading this you probably care now that I'm gone...I've left money in my top drawer for everyone... you can have anything of mine.. ididn't feel right in the world .. steamed and everything between it...

It was all going down hill..I was always suicidal but when I was abusing life has changed in more ways then one. Marijuana doesn't make me laugh.. it makes me think I don't wanna think.. I had a beautiful girlfriend but I left her behind I apologize if you all are hurt..

I told the assholes in my head I'd go out with a fight never gonna let them kill me.. because I killed me instead.. I'm gone I'm nice and dead feel free to tuck my dead body.. voices shouting my name.. they sound like recognisable people but they aren't and what they say make me believe what is being said is different from what actually was said..

I was sick of being trapped inside my head so I decided to end myself.. a get out while you can almost like life is a gang or a cult of some kind..I wanted out so I got out.. I'm sorry I had to go out on such a cliffhanger but ill never return


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