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Kidnapped without knowledge as to how and why. We follow 3 teens as one tries to escape.

Submitted: November 03, 2017

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Submitted: November 03, 2017



Ice falls to the bottom of a cup as three friends sit at an outdoor booth of a diner. Two boys and a girl.

"This is harder than I thought it would be?" a chubby teen sighs.

"How so?" A toothpick of a boy sitting across from him asks.

"It's just not what people talk it up to be." The chubby one continues to sulk.

"If you are not enjoying it, why do you continue to do it?" The girl sitting beside them asks.

"It's not that I'm not enjoying it...I'm just not used to this." He waves for a refill.

"Ever consider changing things up? Maybe they aren't the right one." The girl inquiries. 

"Maybe, but they are the only one to ever give me a chance." He continues to put himself down.

She leans forward "Burnie!" he jumps. "Don't take the first thing that comes around. If you found one you can always find another."

"Kate, stop. You know him, he's not open to change like that. If he finds a groove, he's going to stick to it." The skinny one inserts.

"I guess you're right but, he shouldn't force something. It should come naturally." Kate relaxes into her seat.

"Things come naturally when he talks to you. If you didn't reject him..." The skinny one begins.

Kate interrupts. "I'm not interested." Burnie begins to sulk more and Kate looks away from him. "Sorry, but it's the truth." She speaks in a soft voice.

A black pickup truck with a bed top slowly drives by them. "What about them?" An indescribable man driving it asks the passenger.

"I guess they would do. Stick to them." They respond before have the man park the truck. They wait for the three teens to leave and tail their MGB as Kate sits on the back.

The teens turn in an empty parking lot at sunset. The truck keeps it's distance and parks on the opposite side of them.

"Hurry up man." The skinny one states as Burnie jumps out and runs over to a tree.

"Why didn't he use it before we left? Everything is closing now." Kate sighs as she slides into Burnie's seat.

The men get out the truck and slowly approach the MGB from behind.

"Why won't you go out with him? He's not that bad." The skinny one questions Kate.

"He's a brother to me and he's not attractive anyway, especially when you actually get to know him." She responds.

The men jump over the car and cover the two's mouths with a wet white cloth. They unbuckle the skinny one's seatbelt and drag the two out from the back of the car leaving them on the ground unconscious before addressing Burnie.

They come up on Burnie as he reliefs himself and cover his mouth. They then drag the three teens into the back of the truck.

"Get out of here before someone notices us." The passenger states as they enter.

"Then why are we in daylight?" The driver asks.

"You wanted to wait until they get home." The passenger retorts.

They leave and soon pull up at a gas station and shuts down the car. 

"20 bucks should get us there." The passenger states before having the driver leave.

Kate begins to wake up in the back and promptly starts banging on the top when she notices the situation resulting in muffled taps on the other side. The passenger hears it.

"Shit." He signals the driver while he's waiting in line and starts the car then maxing out the radio.

The driver skips the line resulting in the aggravation of those behind him "Sorry," he turns his attention to the cashier. "20 on 6." He addresses those behind him. "I'm going to be late to a funeral." They back off.

The driver then runs back to the car and fills it up while it's running. He spins the tires as they exit the area and Kate continues to bang.

"Why are they awake?!" The passenger shouts. "They should have been out a lot longer than this."

Kate turns her attention to the boys around her and shakes them furiously as she tries to wake them up. After failing to wake them she tries to force her way through the cramped space in order to try and find an emergency latch. it ends up just leaving her in a more uncomfortable position than when she started when she fails to find one.

What's going on? She thinks to herself as she fails to re-orientate her body.

They soon pull up to old abandoned missile silo with a hole blown in it at the top of a mountain.

"Get them out." The passenger demands as Kate can't hear anything.

The driver walks around to the back of the truck and opens the cover. He opens it cloth in hand and goes for Kate's mouth as she gathers the situation. She blocks his hand with arm and kicks at him. The man leans forward and tries to hold her down. She uses his weight to pull him in the bed with her and scratches her way out falling to the floor.She digs her feet into as she starts to run off. The man sticks his head out from under the cover confused.

"What are you waiting for?!" The passenger shouts as he runs past.

The driver climbs out and locks down the cover. He then starts the car and drives after them leaving a lot of distance for Kate to make. The passenger nods at him as he passes.

Kate turns her head to look behind her and sees the truck barreling down on her. She B lines for the trees surrounding the area. She nearly makes it in the forest as the truck is forced to break. The passenger runs past the truck a few moments later gritting his teeth.

"Handle the two in the back, I'll get her!" The passenger shouts as he passes.

"What to do, where to go?" Kate panics as she continues to dig her feet into the dirt. We have to be far away from any stores or people for that matter. And I don't have the stamina get all the way down. She looks at the man behind her who is neither losing or gaining ground. I have to lose him. She panics more.

She hooks around the trees surrounding them and tries to lose him, doubling back when the opportunity shows, hoping he doesn't notice. When she's sure he doesn't know where she is she tiptoes and sneaks off leaving him to run around aimlessly. She ends up finding a tree to sit and hide behind as she gathers her thoughts.

"Shit, if she gets away we're screwed." The passenger begins to panic himself. She can't be far.

Back at the silo, the boys wake up chained to a pipe welded along the silo. The chains are held with padlocks.

"Um, Burnie. Where are we?" The skinny one asks.

"Don't ask me." He sweats.

"Oh, you're awake." The driver notices.

"Who are you?" The skinny one questions.

"None of your business." He replies.

"Okay then, why are we here?" The skinny one prys.

"Don't worry about it. What are you going to do with that information anyway?" The driver responds.

"Nothing, I guess." He sighs. "Why us? We are nothing special. I can do something with that."

"You fit what we need. Nothing more, nothing less. Really anyone in your age group would do." The driver answers. "Any other questions or are you going to shut up?"

What would they need people in our age group for? The skinny one thinks to himself, "Nothing." 

Meanwhile, Kate has made her way further done the mountain but the passenger has somehow followed her down with no clue where she is.

She has to have made her way down a little. She wouldn't just sit somewhere. The passenger thinks to himself.

I just have to slowly crawl my way down. I might be able to find something at the bottom. Kate patiently moves around the passenger's blind spots as they continue to make their way down the mountain. 

"She couldn't have made it this far." The passenger eventually mutters to himself. Maybe I'm overestimating her but I'm not going to risk it. I can wait for her at the bottom.

He stops looking for her and heads straight for the bottom of the mountain to wait for her if she were to make it.

I'll just move down the other side. She makes her way back to the top of the mountain and around the silo trying not to worry about her friends. When she makes it to the edge of the peak she sees nothing but water surrounding it with only one way out. "Shit"

I can risk trying to get around him at the bottom or...  She turns her attention to the truck parked next to the hole. I can try to use that thing.

She peaks her head in the silo to try and make out a set of keys only to find them sticking out the driver's pocket. Of course, I couldn't get lucky. Maybe just trying to walk it out is the better option.

Daylight breaks out from over the horizon as Kate makes her way down to the bottom of the mountain stopping when she sees the passenger. Now what? 

The trees have grown scarce at the end of the mountain. Kate moves as over as she can before entering the rocky waters and harsh waves.

Kate grits her teeth. Let's do this!  She books it out from behind one of the trees having the man chase her down again. "It's an endurance race."

The passenger seems to be getting tired quickly or rather faster than Kate despite having the advantage but she can't get far on her own either. At the rates they are going, neither one of them is going to get anywhere before completely tiring out.

"I just have to keep going." Kate tries to motivate herself.

They soon end up walking as they can't keep up the pace, hyperventilating as they drag their feet across the ground, later leading them to pass out.

During the duration of this 'chase', the driver gets worried. 

Where is he? Is it that hard to keep up with one girl. And he talks down to me all the time.

"What's with that look on your face?" The skinny one asks.

"Shut up." The driver replies.

"Looks to me like your worried. About What?" He gets confident leaving the driver with an aggravated look.

"Hey Ant, where's Kate?" Burnie inserts.

"Oh yeah, How could I forget about her?" he instinctive pulls on his hand to facepalm.

"I forgot too. Don't worry about it." Burnie consoles.

"Why do I find that hard to believe?" Anthony responds.

The driver wets two cloths and puts the boys back to sleep.  "I probably should have done that earlier."

Soon Kate wakes up and runs off home free until she comes up at a diner.

"Help!" She shouts as she answers. She runs up to the counter and pleads. "Call the police. My friends have been kidnapped. Please call someone before it's too late."

The person at the counter quickly dials 9-1-1 without asking questions and explains the situation.

He holds the phone to his shoulder. "Where do you want me to tell them to go?"

"The top of the mountain." She rushes to reply.

Kate falls to her knees relieved that she has done as much as she could then promptly falling asleep again.

"Uhh, miss?" The man at the counter asks. "Someone what to help her!" He calls out. "it's going to be a while before the police actually get here." He mutters. "We're pretty far off."

The passenger wakes up and realizes that they are screwed. "Sorry partner. I'm not risking it." He runs off, abandoning the driver to try and save his own skin.

"It's been too long." The driver asserts before he abandons the silo and leaves in the truck at the same time the passenger makes this realization. "The clients are late anyway." Money's not worth it, they can have them.

A couples hours later the police actually arrive to find the boys still in an unconscious state and cut them down.

"Who did this?" One of the officers asks.

"The better question is Why?" Another replies.

"Maybe we'll never know. We don't exactly know what to look for yet and by the time we find out it will probably be too late." the first one responds.

Back down at the diner, an ambulance is checking out Kate.

"She should be fine but let's keep an eye on her." One of the medics states leaving the others to agree.

They wait for the police to make it down and check on the boys as well leading to the same deduction. As they are being checked out  a line of cars drive towards them and enter the diners lot.

"Looks like the morons got caught." One of the men in the cars state.

"It's not like we expected much." Another one replies.

"It would still be nice. We still need some kids." The first one responds.

"We can figure it out later. Let's get something to eat while we're here. Also, keeps the fuzz from being suspicious of us." The second man states.

"Fine." The first one sighs.

In the end the police never the find the driver and passenger let alone what their objective is. The teens are shaken up once the adrenaline runs out but move through their lives fine. Eventually, Burnie heeds Kate's suggestion of giving up on the girl he was upset about but accepts he has no chance with Kate and Anthony gives up on getting Kate to give him an actual chance. 

© Copyright 2019 Wyn. All rights reserved.

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