Jimmy Of Wobbly Knob; End

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Submitted: November 03, 2017



Jimmy was so looking forward to the left over slice of pepperoni pizza in the refrigerator--left over from last night’s dinner. Pizza was dang near his favorite food--well, hamburgers, hot dogs, spaghetti, tacos, corn dogs, ice cream, and cookies ranked right up there too, but pizza was at the top of his list. He ran down the stairs as soon as he awoke, and went to the refrigerator and looked in. He wanted to see what he’d be having for lunch--only it was gone. Jimmy frantically searched behind the pickles, but to no avail--it was gone--somebody in this house had stolen his lunch! He himself had no idea who, but Inspector Jimmy could find out:



'The phone rang at Inspector Jimmy’s office, where the he was playing Battleship verses himself, and Inspector Jimmy reluctantly pried his eyes away from the half-sunk submarine and answered,


Inspector Jimmy--I solve mysteries, great and small.”



That was the slogan Jimmy had come up with--pretty cool, huh?



'“Yes, hello Inspector Jimmy--I have a great big mystery I’d like you to solve-- someone stole the last slice of the yummy pepperoni pizza. I WAS going to have for lunch--I’d like you to crack the case.”


I see--have no fear, you’ll be eating that yummy pepperoni pizza for lunch.”



I don’t know, Inspector Jimmy, it sound pretty hopeless,” said his intrepid assistant, Sharecrop Shelter, upon learning of the new case.


My dear Sharecrop, it may seem hopeless, but not for Inspector Jimmy--I’ll have this solved in time for lunch.”



The way Inspector Jimmy saw it, only two suspects could have done it--his older brother Tim, who didn’t live with them--highly unlikely--or his mom. Inspector Jimmy decided to begin his investigation with her.



Into the living room he went, where his mom sat reading the paper, looking innocent as could be. “Mom, there was a slice of pizza I--err--a client was saving for lunch,”



The fact this was supposed to be for a client (that this client must live somewhere else) didn’t even cross Jimmy’s mind--he was THAT focused.


and it’s missing--what do you know about that?”


Well, Jimmy--”


That’s Inspector Jimmy, Miss.”


Well, INSPECTOR Jimmy, all I know is that it was there last night.”


Inspector Jimmy and Sharecrop Shelter exchanged glances, and he replied, “Can anyone verify this?”


Jimmy--sorry, INSPECTOR Jimmy, there was no one except you, your father, and me here at dinner--who else could have witnessed it?”


Ah, ha--no witnesses, how convenient.” She had stolen the missing slice; the LAST slice--“Tell me mom, was it good?”


Was what good?”


The last slice of pizza that YOU stole.”


Jimmy, what are--”


That’s INSPECTOR Jimmy, if you please.”


JIMMY, what are you accusing me of? Taking the last slice of pizza and lying about it?”



At the same time, his father came in the front door, “Honey, I’m home for lunch. All I had for breakfast was a cold slice of pizza, and I’m starved.”


Oh--“Mom, I’ve eliminated you as a suspect.



Jimmy was totally bummed out. He knew he'd said there was nothing to do before, but this time there really wasn't! He thought as hard as he could, and turned into Auto-Racing Jimmy:



'Auto-Racing Jimmy was behind the wheel of the number five and half car, and was trying to catch the leader, the number twelve car, driven by his arch enemy, Scotty. Scotty and he were always competing'.



Hold up--he’d already daydreamed about being Speed Racer, his very favorite cartoon character, and somehow, a daydream about another race car driver didn’t seem right. See, nothing to do! He'd try again:



'Gladiator Jimmy faced the ferocious, blood-thirsty,'


Jimmy thought of drinking blood--gross!


'lions, who paced just out of reach, waiting for their chance. Soon, they’d grow impatient, and attack--'



Jimmy’s imagination crashed and burned at that point. He simply could not concentrate enough to finish this daydream. What was wrong with him?



Jimmy awoke the next morning, with his head literally exploding with ideas for cool daydreams. Yes--all he had needed was a good night’s sleep. He thought about what would happen if your head actually exploded--gross!



Jimmy was back in school, in Miss Weaver’s 5th grade class. Miss Weaver seemed nice, but only time would tell. He sort of missed Mrs. Westerhouse, but he was sure after a few days, Miss Weaver would prove to be al most as nice.



Many months later, Jimmy was gazing out the window and watching the snow come down, and rubbing his hands together with glee. Snowfall meant no school, and so much more and different things to do. His mom had the T.V. on, watching the school closure list. he exchanged a hopeful, excited looks with Davy. Oh, how Jimmy prayed for his school to appear on the closed list, but so far, nothing. What were they waiting for? It was so obvious to everyone that it would have to be canceled. Every time the crawler along the bottom of the T.V. Screen didn’t list his school, Jimmy got more and more depressed.


Finally--his school was listed as closed--duh! Jimmy and Davy, who was visiting, asked his mom if the could go out and play in the snow. His mom said they could, as long as they got bundled up and were very careful. He promised they’d be careful, Davy put on his ski jacket, Jimmy put on his, and they both rushed outside. Now the had to decide what to do. They was free--no school.


They had been warned to stay away from the big mill pond through the woods behind his house, so naturally, they made a beeline straight for it. It couldn’t hurt to go look, right? It had been well-below freezing for several days--they're breath was visible as the proof, and the pond should be frozen over.



They arrived on the banks of the pond, and it was indeed frozen over. How cool was this? They were both so tempted to venture out on the ice, but they knew they wasn’t supposed to.


They fought the urge for awhile, but to no avail. They just had to check out the ice--after all, it wasn’t everyday that you saw this. They ventured out, and were soon walking on the ice. As Jimmy gazed around at the frozen pond, it was magically transformed into an NHL hockey rink, complete with thousands of screaming fans. He scooted his way over to the edge, and grabbed a fallen smallish tree branch and saw it as his hockey stick. "Come on, Davy, let play a pretend NHL game!"


"No, it kinda looks dangerous!"


"Fine, but you're going to miss out on some fun!" he replied. He didn’t know how to ice skate, so his tennis shoes became ice skates, and the empty pond suddenly became full of enemy players, all trying to stop him, and gain control of the puck, which was a pine cone that had fallen to the ice.



Jimmy Gretzsky skated effortlessly through the defenders, like they weren’t even there, until it was just him and the goalie. (he could barely keep the pine cone sliding along, as the straight-ish tree limb wasn’t shaped much like a hockey stick, but that didn’t matter--after all, it was his daydream, and was he not the greatest hockey player who had ever lived?) but he faked one way, the goalie bought it and went right to defend against a shot to the right, and Jimmy swerved back to the left, and...the pine cone slid out of his control, and kept sliding. Oh no!


Jimmy made a desperate lunge to catch it, and slipped, feeling a tremendous shooting pain in his leg. Great, he’d pulled something. Forgotten was the hockey game and the fans--the hockey rink became just the frozen pond once again, and he struggled to slide over to the edge.


"Are you all right, Jimmy?" Davy said.


"I'm not sure--my mom is going to kill me!"


"I don't want to get in trouble!" Davy said, almost crying.


Jimmy thought for a minute, and said, "I think I've got a solution. Why don't you just go home and I'll say you had to go."


"Really, Jimmy?"




"Then I'm so out of here!" said Davy, and took off running, yelling over his shoulder, "Thanks--see ya, Jimmy!" He watched as Davy disappeared, and started limping painfully towards home.



As he limped his way up the sidewalk to his house, Jimmy had to think of an excuse as to why he was limping, as he wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near the frozen pond.


His mother met him at the door and exclaimed, “Jimmy, what happened?”


“Oh, I slipped on the snow and hurt my leg.”


“That’s terrible--what happened?”


“Well, I was going down the hill over on State Street, and slipped and twisted my ankle.”


“Oh, I wasn’t aware that State Street ran right across the mill pond.”


Jimmy suddenly felt a sinking sensation--she knew, but how? “Mom it doesn’t--I was nowhere near the pond, because I know I’m not supposed to go there.”


“Oh, give it up, Jimmy--Mrs. Paul saw you and Davy out on the ice, when looking for King.”


Darn that dog!


"I've already called Davy's mother and explained everything."





Jimmy was staring out his bedroom window morosely at the snow which continued to fall, and which he could not go out and enjoy--he’d been grounded and sent to his room--it just wasn’t fair.





He watched Miss Weaver lecturing on some boring subject. His mind was already on summer vacation that was never going to get any closer. He gazed out of the classroom window, and let his mind wander.


It was a few days later, and Mrs. Weaver was still droning on and on blabbing about things that Jimmy really, really didn't care about. He was restless, again, and as he was staring out the window, watching the snow starting to come down harder, he hoped they'd be sent home early. But so far, at least, no such luck. He let his mind wander, and, and--nothing--his mind was a blank. Dang it! Davy had been grounded, again, after their little pond adventure, so he couldn't play. Maybe it would have been easier to pretend something if he was around.


Two whole days! That's how long it had been since he'd been able to imagine anything, and Jimmy was getting downright worried that he'd be stuck in the bummer real world, with no escape possible. True, he loved his parents, but all one had to do was look at their heavily-lined faces, to know how bad real life could get. If that was the true way reality worked, forget it! He wanted no part of it.


He was going for a walk, to try to see if something, anything, jarred him back into daydreaming. He started down the street, kicking the slush left over from the snow, a snow that they never did get out of school early for. It just wasn't fair! His mother told to stay close to the house, but Jimmy didn't exactly understand why. His grandparents were visiting, and they said it was too dangerous, and that it wasn't the way it had been when they were young--that all the neighbors kept an eye on you. But Jimmy wasn't buying it for a second--they were old, and probably always had been that way! So he told his mom he would stay close to the house, but as soon as he got outside, started walking.



He came across a construction site, and thought sure that must set off his daydreaming, but he looked at it, and nothing. It stayed just a construction site. Now, he knew something was very out of wack!


"Hello!" came the greeting from one of the construction guys.


"Hi." a bummed-out Jimmy answered back, and just kept walking. Ahead, Mr. Friese was sweeping the slush off his walkway.


"Hiya, Jimmy!


"Hello, Mr. Friese," he answered sullenly, and just kept walking.



Mr. Friese watched him go, with a concerned, confused look on his face. This was totally unlike Jimmy. Usually, he was as bouncy as a rubber ball, not barely shuffling down the sidewalk.



Jimmy shoved his hands into the pockets of his coat, and aimlessly kicked a pine cone ahead of him. It just wasn't fair!






As he dejectedly shuffled his way down the sidewalk, worrying about being stuck in permanently in reality, a fire truck screamed past, and suddenly, he became Fireman Jimmy:



Fireman Jimmy was bored. So far, exactly nothing had burned. He had just settled down in front of the T.V. with a grape pop and a Hostess Fruit Pie (it was cherry!) to watch an all-day cartoon marathon on The Cartoon Network, when the alarm sounded. They were needed at The Lincoln Log Factory downtown, because a dangerous fire had broken out.



Within seconds, they pulled up in front of a building that was on fire. Flames were leaping way up in the sky. Fireman Jimmy's boos, Chief Rock Gristle, told him to grab a hose, and just do his best to keep the fire from spreading, because it looked like this building was lost already. He grabbed a hose, and ran around the rear of the building. He saw several buildings, a hamburger place among them, and Jimmy vowed not to let the flames spread, at least to that!



He had just got finished hosing down the hamburger place, and in the quiet after he'd finished, he heard, very faintly, so faintly he wondered if he'd imagined it, a cry from inside the on fire Lincoln Log Factory, "Help!, Help!" He decided to make sure, and stepped closer. Again, he heard, "Help!" This time, there was no doubt, someone was in there, and they needed his help! There was no time to let anyone know, he had to act, now! He sprinted up to the window, and yelled,


"Stand away from the window!", and he picked up a nearby chunk of cement, and threw it at the window, which shattered into a million pieces. He stopped to listen again, as thick black smoke came flying out from where the window used to be. Again, he heard 'help!" followed by choking.

He had to hurry, the victim sounded weaker, and didn't sound like they could hold out much longer. He stood on a crate that just happened to be there, and used his fireman's glove to knock and jagged pieces of broken glass out of the window frame, and hopped into the black-as-ink room. Once inside the bon fire, he yelled, "Call out-I can't see a blasted thing!"

He heard a frightened cry,


"Over here--eh, huh, huh!"


"Keep coughing!"


"Okay--eh, huh, huh!"


Jimmy crawled in the direction the voice seemed to be coming from. Suddenly, he felt someone,


Now Jimmy had a heck of a problem--he couldn't lift a full grown adult and throw them over his shoulder--how was he going to save them? Then, he figured out that if he changed the person to a small kid, say three or so, problem solved!


Fireman Jimmy could tell it was a kid, and said, "grab my hand--I'm holding it towards the sound of your voice, I'll throw you over my shoulder, and we'll walk out."


He felt a small hand groping through the darkness, until at last he was holding it, and got close enough to grab the kid by the knees, slung him up over his shoulder, and turned towards where he thought the door was, and together, they both blindly staggered forward, until he bumped into something. He groped around frantically, until he felt the doorknob. He turned it, and the door swung open, and as black smoke billowed around them, Fireman Jimmy and the kid, who was still coughing, emerged. Immediately, a crying, hysterical woman ran towards them, shouting,


"Timmy! Timmy!" and dropping to her knees, hugged little Timmy. Then, to Jimmy, she said, "You saved my Timmy! Thanks to your bravery, everything came out okay!"


An embarrassed Fireman Jimmy replied, "Ah, shucks ma'am, I was just doing my job."


"Well, thank you, and I don't know how I can ever thank you, and I know it's kinda stupid, but let me run home and grab you a plate of brownies, which are still warm out of the oven, as a token of his mother and father's appreciation."


''There's no thanks necessary, but, sure!" Fireman Jimmy dearly loved brownies!



A very-much-relieved Jimmy turned around and headed home. All that worrying about never being able to daydream again was wrong. Suddenly, he realized he was so hungry! Before he could think of what he would have, definitely followed by some of his mom's brownies, fresh baked, he heard a horn behind him, and turned to see his angry-looking father opening the driver's door ,along with his mother's angry-looking face in the passenger's seat, and felt his spirits sag.


"Hi, Dad, I was just--"


"You're in big trouble, young man."


Oh-oh, he knew he had done wrong when his dad used 'young man', instead of Jimmy.


"Your mother told you to stay close to the house, but, tell me something--look around--is this your idea of 'close' to the house? I'll answer for you, no!"


"But Dad!"


"No excuses, young man, just get in the car--what are we--you're grounded for a week!"


A week--it just wasn't fair!



The End

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