Where wallflowers wither

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I wrote this mainly as a form of venting.

Submitted: November 03, 2017

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Submitted: November 03, 2017



She dances across glossy floors, twirling and entwining with others of her like. Soon she gets dizzy and, presumably by taking a wrong step in her dance, ends up in my arms. She hasn't visited me in so long. 

She bats her eyes shut and suddenly the pressure of her weight is amplified. The room immediately feels a little less empty. I carry her to her fainting room, a place where she and I may talk with fewer ears to hear our words and wishes. After all, two listening ears outweigh a dozen hearing ones.

We arrive shortly and she lays down in her chair, elegant and innocent. How will I ruin it this time, I wonder.

She cuts my wondrous worry short and sparks a light conversation. We talk. Hours waltz by. She stays. I start believing that things are bearable, that I too can dance. She teaches me some small steps and we twirl around the room like love sick fools. Aimless and joyful. 

Until she finally bids me a cheap goodbye. A few kisses are exchanged, but not nearly enough to fill the void which she has shaped in my chest. Alas, I am left both hollow and hungry. 

I watch her as she glides out of my hand, out of the door, out of my sight, all in one fell swoop. I am alone. The walls won't shut up. 


Her name is happiness. We used to be very close when I was younger and less shredded to misery than I am now. The things I would do to keep her or, rather, to fill the void which she has left for me to drown in.

I don't know where she lives or how to find her. I don't know if we'll ever relinquish that steady relationship we had before. I wish we could. However, I've heard rumours of where her cousin lives. I might try my luck and visit the place. Misery always suggests the trip would be worth it. A one way ticket to who knows where. A place where wallflowers gather to silently wither in bliss: death.

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