Bleak to Bright

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A girl observes the everyday life of people and decides to make a change.

Submitted: November 03, 2017

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Submitted: November 03, 2017




 It was another grey day. The wind was bitter and nipped at my exposed face. I brushed my hair back again. People walked past me, faces in their phones, unaware of the beauty that surrounded them. Men in dark suits and simple ties. Women in simple gowns with bleak faces. Where was the vigor of life?

 Someone bumped into me. He barely looked up. Cars drove by. I studied the drivers. A woman with lots of hair. A woman without. A man with a beard. A man without. All with a phone in one hand and steering wheel in the other.

 I looked up at the sky. The water-heavy grey clouds moved slowly. I could smell the rain in the air. Along with the smell of fumes from cars and the stench of cigarettes.

 A can was kicked. And again. And again. And once more, rolling to a stop at my feet. I stared at the bright red can against the bleak grey of the sidewalk. I bent and picked up the can. It was cold. I pitched it into the trash not far from me.

 “Nice toss.” A voice cut through the normal sounds of dead life. He stood among the crowd. His shirt was so orange and his jeans so torn. His hair was wild and colored like a rainbow.

 “Do you love the rain?” I asked.

 “I do.” He answered. The crowds paid us no mind. We were nothing in their eyes. He was everything in my eyes.

 “Come.” I held out my arm. A woman ran into me. She scowled but walked on. The boy took my hand. We walked. We trudged through the crowd. They looked down at the dead ground or the blinding light of a phone.

 We pushed through. A man stopped and watched us as we wove through the throng of passerbys. He followed. A woman joined us. A warmth seared through my bones. The sun. I could feel the warmth. A boy joined us. A car pulled over. A field, a beautiful field of colors and sunshine lay ahead of us. I began to race towards it. The sun spilled its rays over me. People realized life. People laughed. It was another sunny day.


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