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Great way to spend Detention, man what a teacher

Submitted: November 03, 2017

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Submitted: November 03, 2017



You said I was looking tired and extremely dreary

From listening to you teach nothing but theory

Writing on the blackboard was filling me with frustration

Thought to myself, surely there's more to sex education


Suddenly you leaped on the table like a very fit gymnastic

Said it's about time I put some of my learning into practice

Nervously I undid my tie and started to unbutton my shirt 

You had already peeled off your blouse and the mini skirt


Next I was standing in my boxers, you had my undivided attention

Seemed to me that if I concentrated now I would avoid suspension

You pulled me closer to you, put your sweet lips to mine

Feeling your tongue entering my mouth was simply divine


As you felt for my manhood, it would last less than a minute

Touch of your hand around it made me instantly shoot in it

"Don't be embarrassed" you said "it can happen to the best"

Then you moved your mouth down and cleaned up the mess


Slowly I regained my hardness as you expertly sucked

I was fondling your perfect breasts, not believing my luck

"Relax and take your time" you said "this is not a race "

Your female scent awesome as you straddled my face


Greedily I started to work on you, with my hungry tongue 

So many juices were flowing like your spring had sprung

Proved I was a good student and I was not completely dumb

With what I had been studying I could quickly make you cum 


"Hmmmmm" I heard you murmur "near as good as an expert"

Then the juices started to flow and you even began to squirt

Your pulse was racing now as I was still licking my bottom lip

All of a sudden, you changed ends with one miraculous flip


Your legs were wide open as my manhood you did straddle

Slipped straight into a rhythm like a cowboy does in a saddle

Beautiful breasts were bouncing around in front of my face

As the speed slowly picked up my heart was starting to race


Faster and faster you rode me,  deeper and deeper went my pole

Ecstasy I was feeling from the warmth and tightness of your hole

Absolutely enjoyed every minute of what you did so expertly to me

Couldn't think of a better woman to be taking away my virginity


Next thing I noticed you arch your back and your body go into a spasm

Started to scream too and I realized that you were starting to orgasm

I grew even harder and thicker and all of a sudden did explode

Tight grip of yours had made me empty my hot and sticky load 


As you leaned forward I gave each breast a suck and a small kiss

You placed your lips tightly on mine, I thought what absolute bliss  

Whispered in my ear "that was very good, nearly perfect I'd say"

"For sex education, at least in practical I will be giving you an A"


Then up you jumped, quickly dressed and walked to the door

Turned back, winked and said "Next week there might be more"

"Just pretend you are not concentrating and paying attention

Promise to keep you back for some more, private detention"

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