Hunted Part One

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Set in 1800's...Part 1...A couple's secret night out takes a terrifying turn

Submitted: November 03, 2017

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Submitted: November 03, 2017



It was a dark night. Not a single star or a sliver of moon shown in the inky blackness. The couple could'nt see anything as they stumbled around trying to find a way threw the thick forest. He held her hand firmly and tried his best to guide her between the trunks and over the overgrown roots. The darkness seemed to stretch on forever and every few moments they would hear a screech or a howl that would send shivers over their bodies. They had no idea where they were but they could not stop moving. 
They were being hunted.
Their names were John and Deborah and they had planned for this night for weeks. John had prepared it all. Everything down to the small bottle of wine his father kept for special celebrations. He had hidden it all in his pack and when the moon was full, he snuck into the family's barn and saddled their only horse. He quietly galloped away into the night with only the thought of her on his mind.
She had waited in the darkness of her room. The only source of light came from a small candle flickering on the nightstand. Once everyone had gone to bed, she quietly got dressed, blew out the small flame and climbed gracefully out her window. She too had thought about nothing but him for weeks. Her parents had frowned upon the idea of someone so young and [even though they'd never say it] so poor.
He had smelled the scent of her perfume even before he had seen her. He pulled her onto his horse and headed towards the secret spot in the forest with her arms wrapped tightly around his waist. The night air felt cool on their faces as they rode deeper and deeper into the quiet woods. Every jolt from the horse brought exciting feelings as their bodies rubbed together. A young couple filled with curiousity that seemed to grow the farther they went.
They finally reached their destination. He jumped down from the horse and grabbed her firmly as she did the same. Within minutes, John had a small fire going and a large blanket spread with many delicious looking foods. He reached for the wine and carefully poured two small glasses and handed one to her. They didn't speak a single word, only starring deeply into each others eyes as they sipped from their glasses.
From the corner of John's eye, he noticed a small, flickering light not far in the darkness. He turned and focused on it straining to see it more clearly. Deborah noticed this and turned to look in the same direction.
"What is that"? she asked quietly.
"I'm not sure," he replied, "It's not moving so maybe its someone's home".
"All the way out here?"
"Lets go see," John said with a mischevious look on his face,"Maybe they have more wine."
He said this as he raised the empy bottle as proof.
Perhaps it was the alchol that gave her courage or maybe she just wanted to impress John with her no care attitude either way, she agreed to go with him and see what the strange light was. She rose to her feet and wiped the crumbs from her dress with one hand and downed the last sip of her wine with the other. John had already gone to the horse and unsheathed the large pistol he had brought in case of wild animals.
Together, they carefully walked towards the light, making sure to avoid stepping on anything that would  bring them attention. As they wove between the trees and moved closer, the light grew and they could see that it was a large candle sitting on a window sill. The window belonged to a large, one room cabin. 
As they drew near, they both stopped and listened for any signs of life. They heard none. Deborah had wanted to to turn back and just go home but John knew tonight was his only chance. He knew that if they turned back the night would be over. He'd imagined this night a thousand times and this wasnt how it ended. He would sneak into the cabin, find more wine and then they would drink together as she talked about how brave he had been. Nothing would change his mind.
With her right behind him, they drew closer to the dimly lit window. Once they reached it, they both sat just under it with their backs to the cabin wall. 
"I'm just going to peak inside, it will be real quick," he told her.
With that, he turned and raised his body so that his eyes would just barely look into the opening. He saw what looked like an ordinary living area. There was a fire place towards the back, a large table with four chairs on one side and a large bed on the other. There were other candles lit in different areas and John noticed that they were being held in skulls. They looked rather large and almost human-like. There were other skulls sitting on the mantle by the fire as if they were just decoration. 
On the walls, stretched to the point of tearing, were animal skins. All different shapes and sizes. John had to look again because they were the strangest skins he had ever seen. They were all pale and hairless and some had bruising on them. He noticed that the blankets on the bed and the cloth on the table were made of the same thing. Different skins all sewn together to make a much larger one. 
The only other thing in the room was a large worktable. It was neatly stocked with various tools that butchers and skinners used to clean and cut up their meat. Dozens of large hooks hung above the table. It looked like a doctor turned butcher had set up shop there. John decided that overall, this place was not somewhere he wanted to be, no matter how much wine they may have. He felt Deborah tug on the end of his shirt.
John squatted back down and looked into Deborah's eyes. She looked white as a sheet and her lips were trembling. She grabbed his face and pulled his ear close to her mouth.
"Som...someone is com..coming," she whispered and then turned his head back around so he could see the large figure coming threw the woods swinging a lantern in one hand and dragging something heavy in the other.
John knew he had to be quick. He mouthed for her to follow him and they both moved away from the light in the window to the dark corner of the cabin. They dared not move, dared not breathe. They watched as the man rounded the corner to the front of the building and dispapeared from sight. They could here a loud bang as he opened his door followed by heavy thumps as he dragged whatever it was up the stairs and threw the open door. He slammed it behind him.
They listened as the man shuffled around his home making loud bangs and thuds as he went. John's heart stopped as he looked back towards the window and saw his weapon lying there in the grass. In his hurry to get to a safe place, he had forgotten to grab it. It was his father's most prized posession passed down by his father's father and John could not go home without it.
"Wait here," he mouthed to Deborah as he pointed towards the gun. She tried to grab him and hold him back, pleading with her eyes to just run but John knew he was good as dead if he returned home without it. With reassuring gestures and a racing heart, John carefully crept back to the window.
Carefully planning each step, John made his way along the side of the cabin. He heard very strange noises coming from inside. Sounds of breaking bones and axe meeting wood grew louder as he drew closer. The man must be a hunter, he thought to himself, butchering his kill. But what type of animal was it? He remembered those strange skins hanging from the walls and, as he reached his weapon, curiosity took over.
He raised himself up and peeked into the building. First thing he saw was a giant of a man stomping around and muttering strange things to himself. He wore a large blood-stained apron and firmly grasped in his right-hand was a huge, serratted knife. His face was hard to make out with only the candles as light but John could see he was strangely disfigured. Large, crooked, yellow eyes, a round broken nose and a mouth filled with rotten teeth were placed on a mostly balding head.
John looked towards the large table, hoping to see what strange animal this man hunted. His heart stopped  when he saw a naked, human body lying on the tabletop. The body had been dismembered in three places and in a large tub on the floor were the missing pieces. Fresh blood dripped from the ends of the table and rained down forming small pools on the floor.
John's body would'nt work. Everything he had just seen seemed to flood his mind and he fought with the reality of it all. It was all so surreal. This could not be happening, could it? He forced himself back and natural instincts began to kick in.
He had to run.
He turned to Deborah and motioned for her not to move because he was coming to her. He grabbed the gun, backed away from the window and started making his way to her. He noticed that she was beggining to stand up and back away from the wall. She was terrified and wanted to run as far and as fast as she could but John flailed his arms in her direction silently demanding she stop.
A large dead branch cracked loudly as Deborah's foot split it in two.
They both froze.
The sounds from the cabin stopped ubruptly. John heard heavy footsteps walking towards the door. They were moving fast.
"RUN!" John yelled.
John grabbed Deborah by the arm, almost dragging her along and they both ran as fast as they could towards his horse. 

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