Love Story

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An average couple becomes the target of an unfortunate event, which is fueled by isolated mystery, never to be heard of or understood by anyone.

Submitted: November 03, 2017

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Submitted: November 03, 2017



Adam and Lily had been a couple for about a year and some months. Their relationship was stable, healthy and passionate. They had nothing outstanding happening in their lives, besides the odd story to tell from their one particular hectic day.

They did not live together because they had agreed to simply take things slow, as they were both familiar with the chaotic ends of fast-paced relationships, and the unpleasant feelings that accompanied them. Slow and steady, they built their love and partnership. Adam always liked to tease Lily with scary things, mostly related to forces of the unknown. “What if you stare at yourself in the mirror, and the reflection stays the same even after you move?” he’d say, as Lily felt goose bumps at the thought of something so simple, yet so sinister. Placing herself in the situation is what made it scary for her. Horror is of course, something quite subjective. Some may panic at the thought of one thing, while others may shrug it off. But it was an encounter with the unknown that completely changed the lives of these two normal individuals. An uncontrollable, unpredictable unknown, which attacks before one can even begin to feel fear.

In one particular day, Adam decided to stay over at Lily’s apartment. The plan was as follows: Adam would stay at Lily’s place while she was at work. When she got out, she’d go back home and get ready so they could both go out. Simple enough, if not just terribly traditional and normal for a couple’s plan. The next day arrived, and Lily awoke next to a sleeping Adam. She was very quiet when getting out of bed, as she knew Adam was a very light sleeper. He was not the type she could prank easily in his sleep, as any sound had a chance to wake him up. But this time, he did not. She went on with her morning routine and headed out to work.

The apartment itself had a heavy atmosphere to it. Before she left, she could feel something was not quite right. It was a lost instinct within the primal human brain, which manifested itself from time to time as a sort of warning.

The day passed by rather quickly for Lily. After completing a task, she’d think of her date with Adam. Thinking of him in general made her feel happy. She was truly in love, and loved life for it. While she did her duties, a deep silence born from an abyss completely covered the inside of the apartment. Not even Adam’s breathing could be heard by anyone or anything. The silence was almost unnatural.

Eventually, Lily returned to the apartment. She took notice of the intense silence, but thought nothing of it. Usually, Adam would be around the house, either doing dishes or simply doing something else. “Adam? I’m back” she shouted, hoping to hear a response from her beloved. There was nothing. “Adam?” she approached her room. She turned on the lights, and was quickly struck by sudden shock and terror. She saw Adam on the floor, slightly leaning against the wall, in a pool of blood. He had a hole on his stomach, which was the cause of so much blood on the floor. Immediately, she knew he was dead. What kept her from screaming from the horrifying scene was one simple detail: Adam had no organs. The massive hole on his stomach area revealed he had nothing inside. His eyes were opened, but they were pitch-black, and his mouth was wide open as if he’d just seen something terrifying before his demise. For a split second, she doubted Adam’s humanity. “Or maybe…” she thought, “…maybe someone took them?” she tried to rationalize. There was a trail of blood originating from Adam’s corpse. They were bloodied drag marks, which led Lily to the closet, where she stopped and considered her options. Her heart was racing, as she was presented with her lover’s death, and the potential to discover she was not alone in her home. She wanted to cry, scream and fall to her knees as a sign of surrender towards this cruel fate. But before her emotions could make her mind go numb with sorrow-filled pain, her body began to move. She approached the closet, as if possessed to do so by a trace of bravery.

She slowly opened the sliding door, revealing the intruder.

A human mind can often trick itself into believing anything, and sometimes, trick itself into seeing things that are not there. This was not one of those cases. What she saw was something her mind was perfectly capable of understanding. She could understand what it was, but she did not want to. Her legs were shaking so much, she fell to the floor. Her tears began to flow, but she did not sob uncontrollably as she desperately wanted to. There was no escape for her. The familiar silence overtook the apartment once again.

This was the end of her love story.


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