Chocolate kiss

Cosmetic induce merit

Elegant bliss

Proudly acknowledging my genes from my African heritage 

The stakes I go through to please you

I’m sorry I’m not pretty enough

I guess you bite off more than you can chew 

Sorry That I don’t amount to your stigma of beauty 

I guess I’m no diamond in the rough

Insecure about having no body and no bootie

Is that why you hide me?

So I’m gonna have you take a seat

This affair at times is lovely

I’m insecure and that’s the truth

Bask in my sensual comeliness which is a sightsee

I’m not as common as an old shoe

My quondam inamorata loved to cheat

I know my past is messy but it does not effect my virtue

Wounds from before left my skin black and blue 

So don’t misinterpret or construe 

These words is etched into my skin

Why you don’t say I look pretty when I feel I do

Harassing comments I just take on the chin

I have no problem giving ones due

I will never be able to feel free

Not in this skin I’m in

Trapped in my insecurities 

I’m supposed to be yours, under lock and key

Takes for me to get compliments from strangers when I want to here those words from you

But this that shit I’m used to

From the old to the knew

How I can never amount or be pretty enough for you

You’re beautiful 

Proud to show me off. That I’m your chick. Your bad bitch

But I don’t get that treatment

Dealing with insecurities in myself and your bring more out of me 

Your supposed to be helping me

Holding back thoughts of resentment 

I see you checking out others but I’m no snitch

I look to

Not for gratification like you do but for the simplicity of their physique

How they have no insecurities 

You don’t even know how much I got buried deep

They have that graceful frame 

Most use injections to obtain

Sadly I think about it to

That dream body 

Maybe that would make you like me

Find me irresistible 

Insecure to even ask to fuck

This Love affair is so conventional 

Shy about the veins that caress my curves

Laying myself bare feeling like a schmuck

I know someone more pretty and shapely is what you prefer

Nervous about the way my natural juices taste

Afraid to open up with these shaky nerves 

Just wanting to feel your warm embrace

Pain or pent up emotions miss placed 

Trying to be intimate with you on a deeper level 

Press to penetrate me instead or exploring me

I wanna feel that chemistry that we both had 

This ain’t no fling so you don’t have to treat me like it is

Sad how I went from being pretty to not bad

That this would never be more

Maybe deep down that’s why I am so insecure

Submitted: November 04, 2017

© Copyright 2022 Miheema Goodine. All rights reserved.

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Wow. Amazing work of words

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