Dry Land

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Submitted: November 04, 2017

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Submitted: November 04, 2017




Dry Land  


Silence. For the first time in a long time. Without my brother, Kyros, and I fighting, without our Mom screaming to get us to stop, and without our Dad typing away at his laptop. My Dad had given us a lecture on how we should learn to appreciate life, and how even though we were still in Greece, on vacation,we should make the most of it.


Everything was still. All I could hear was the breeze from the ocean, some kids who were running around and dogs barking away in the distance.


My Mom was sunbathing. My brother, reading, and my Dad, was as usual on his phone finishing some ‘work’. And me, well I was just lying there appreciating this newfound peace within our family.


I looked out at the ocean, at all the colors of the sky and at the water that seemed only like,well what I’ve seen in movies…


Wait, is the water..


‘MOM,DAD, Look! What’s happening?


‘Kyros, Kalliope, run NOW’


‘Is that a tsun…’


I don’t ever remember running that fast.The water rising, getting closer and closer, it didn’t feel real, this couldn’t be happening, not to me.


The black water came, devouring everything in its path. Bodies floating around, being pulled by the water as if it had a destination to take us to.


The water came quickly at first, getting slower and slower as time went on. I swam until I thought my lungs would give out. I could see the water beginning to settle and by then I had lost track of my family by swimming to the parallel.I got to dry land, closing my eyes, barely being able to breathe.


Darkness clouded my eyes. The last thing I remember was my Mom telling me to not give up and asking my brother and I to stay together no matter what.


My thoughts working faster than my eyes, I was terrified not knowing what I would open my eyes to find, where I would be, if I would still have what mattered most to me, my family.


All of the washed up bodies either had panic in their eyes, or were motionless. As the tsunami had settled, all that was left were sunken cars, broken houses and memories. That’s all that I had left now, memories. Memories of my family,of friends and my old home which was now washed away into a tragic mess.


I walked with the sea of people, not knowing where else to go, to stay here and hope or leave behind everything I had ever known. We reached our destination, I saw boats. Boats and boats filling up with people taking them to a refugee camp I heard them saying. This kind of thing only happened in movies, this felt like a bad dream, it had to be.


The one odd person that had their phone among the pools that didn’t, seem to have the same video running. Peeping over out of curiosity, I realised that it was the news. The woman, talking about how my whole city was in ruins, covered with water that left traces in places that were once homes and now, just piles of rubble.


The boats, leaving the shore and me leaving behind what was once all I knew.


They passed around a list of the people that were taken in this tragedy, looking at it with hope, I saw it, right there. Anges, our family name.


My parents were taken, dead, gone.


I didn’t cry just then, I held it all in for I needed to keep my strength for my brother wasn’t on the list, just yet.


I remembered our times together,all the fights, the laughter, the way he always called me Shorty and how I hated it, but now I would give anything to hear his voice again.


Approaching the shore,I didn’t know where we were. The people on the boats, a mystery and their voices, a blur.I walked around trying to find my brother, perhaps he was safe and already here.I ran around for what seemed like hours trying to find my brother, I tried asking people but no one seemed to want to help.I had lost hope, what would I do know, how would I move on from this, my family washed away, much like my home.


‘Agnes?? Kyros??’ the tall man screamed.


‘Yes,that’s my brother, have you found him? Is he alive? Where is he?..’ I droned on with more frantic questions.


My World suddenly not seeming as empty anymore.


He simply replied by giving me an address.  


I ran and ran as fast as I could. He had to be alive. He just had to.


I walked into huge area of land that the man had described, it was filled with tents of all colors.Their faces vanishing away before me. My heart beating faster than what I thought possible.


Two days ago I was happy, thinking about boys, getting annoyed at my Mom for saying my skirt was too short, shouting at my brother for refusing to drop me off at school. A normal teenage girl, a normal life.


I thought about my life at this moment, me walking into a refugee camp, because I no longer had a place to call home.Refugee, a word I’d only ever looked up for school projects, a name for a group of people who had nothing, that I felt sympathy for, who I didn’t bother to even try and help. Their World which was filled with sadness and loss seemed too far away from my once perfect one.


Here I was, with nothing, but the hope I was told by my Mom to always hold onto. It was the only thing keeping me going.


I walked into every tent until I recognised that unbelievably dark hair and those emerald eyes




I held my breath, zipping the tent back up.


His clothes were torn, eyes closed, body still.


He’s dead, this is it,my last sliver of hope, stripped away.


Touching his face, I let it all out, I didn’t have anyone to stay strong for anymore. My tears falling from my face onto his. All these memories of us coming back to me.


I started getting up to back away. I couldn’t face him like this, cold and void.Just as I was unzipping the dusty tent, I heard a cough followed by a few words, the words that changed everything.


‘Hey Shorty’.


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