winter hearts by, shae kamerer

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wildlife learning to survive in the freezing cold. what may be impossible for some are possible from most. with winter hearts learning to survive and make it through the winter and enjoy spring.

Submitted: November 04, 2017

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Submitted: November 04, 2017



Winter hearts By, Shae Kamerer


The clear blue waters began to sparkle in the morning sun. What looks to be calm and relaxing on the surface comes alive down below. Where the fish swim and the coral grows; All around you can hear the songs of nature. Look way up high, you can find birds gliding on the autumn winds.

The green in the leaves will soon fade to a colorful orchestra that will match the coral under the waters. The grass will be buried under the white snow. As time goes on and the trees will become bare and the songs of nature will slumber. The waters will be frozen over, and the deer can be found freely dancing in the cool crisp autumn winds.

Winter hearts leave tracks in the snow, allowing the young to follow. The sun sets allowing the moons light to show her beauty and grace. Everything glows making a sleepy painting. The winds come alive, tossing snow in the air. When will the brutal weather end? When can the winter hearts unthaw and enjoy the sunny warm air once more?

Winter storms grow more intense, temperatures drop but the moonlight still shines on. Winter hearts lose sleep and look for more food. The cold air is almost impossible to bare, just when it becomes too much the ground begins to melt, the water begins to flow, life is returning and so is the sun. The songs of nature are waking up, Winter hearts have survived once more.

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