Description: Having problem with someone else's lifestyle doesn't make them less of a person in God's eyes, in fact, God loves the broken souls equally as he loves the unbroken.

 Equality-fiction and a little mixed of reality.
Growing up I always felt true love for Christ Jesus, our saviour. I learned about Christianity from my family who constantly talked about the Gospel of Christ and what the Bible teaches us. Their favourite topics and lectures were about the Ten Commandments and how sinful it was to be gay and that God was against homosexuality. I just sat there in total silence and listened.  But as time went on I lost track of who I was and started questioning my sexuality. ( Some men and women have questioned their sexuality at some point in their lives) ''It is perfectly normal'' But I never spoke about my feelings and I always just kept them hidden away from viewer's eyes. Locked Up all Inside. Of course,  I wish I could have shown those around how I really felt deep inside. I have always been all optimistic and helpful towards other people problems
Oh lord, I've kept this act for so long, I just don't know how much longer I can do this. Being raised in a Christian home, and growing up differently from the rest of the "regular kids" out there. I've never felt so close to anyone to tell them exactly what goes on in my mind/ life.
Some find it repulsive:
It was a beautiful summer day in August with
the sky oh so blue, and as we sat on our balcony looking at the lonely road.  Aunt Bee who I drew closer to overtime began questioning me out of curiosity about my love life, and why I wasn't dating yet. She added '' Child, you are beautiful, smart, compassionate and with unique qualities and personality.
We attended church almost every Sundays, it was made clear to me that homosexuality was a sin, and with the ups and downs and confusion in my life
I freaked out a little and didn't know what to say to Aunt Bee
I then slowly looked at her and said: 
"Dear heavenly father, you know everything about me, you have heard my prayers and plead for help, you have also seen my tears and scars  I’m in a dark place 
Oh gosh, I'm feeling insane
Life is so hard
It feels like I’m drowning...
Oh just how I have cried
Screaming out loud
I’m so lost
 I don’t know where to go anymore.
Yes, I know that love is a complicated thing, but I believe love is love, regardless of gender. Jesus loves us all equally, no matter how big our sin is''
We didn't speak of this matter, in fact, aunt Bee tried avoiding me.  (Without questioning my statement) I respected and understood that it was an uncomfortable moment and topic for her. She needed some quality time to herself before she could respond. It wasn't really about her embracing and respecting what she THOUGHT AND BELIEVED was my decision. But no matter who comes out of the closet and us as Christians protesting '' being gay is a gateway to hell'' isn't going to change someone else's decision to live a lifestyle that they have already chosen for themselves. When someone announces that they are ''GAY'' our mind immediately think about grabbing our bible and profoundly preaching the word of God. Preaching our beliefs and what we have been taught. I know it's difficult and scary accepting someone so different from who we are but at one point in our lives, we struggled to accept our own body mind and soul.
Quote by me: We are all sinners and we will continue to sin as long as we live on this earth so we might as well learn to love, accept and embrace one another because God loves us all and all he expects of us is to be loving and seek him in every area of our lives.
Stacy Ann
The best way I write my stories is getting myself involved and
playing the character
Written November 4th, 2017

Submitted: November 04, 2017

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This is a fantastic piece of learning to be accepting. In the end, we are all humans and we deserve to seek our own happiness. Very well done!

Sun, November 5th, 2017 12:04am

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