Drake – Do Not Disturb (Cover)

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Mind running in a foreign country ...

Submitted: November 04, 2017

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Submitted: November 04, 2017



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Drake – Do Not Disturb (Cover)




Smiling though


Thoughts running


But I’m still standing though


City couldn’t break me


But I’m weaker though


Rejecting invitations


To parties thrown


Can’t lose focus


No net to catch me


I burn the ships


As I go


As I grow


I’m learning more about


How meaningless


My education was years ago


Life’s the hardest lesson


And there’s no do-overs


And my past connections blew over


So, I’m over the other side of


The world attempting


To move over


All the difficult obstacles


Put in front of me


Poor student so


Grabbing samples is a part


Of my shopping when I


Get my groceries


Always attempting to


Give more of me


Cause what’s given


Is never viewed


As given sufficiently


Dig a little deeper


‘Til I’m touching my soul


Naked vulnerability


I’m starting to get cold


Need to put on my poker face


You won’t see me fold


Bold face put on for


The kids who want


To be me when they’re old


So, let the beat go


Lose control as the ….


As the … Room … Moves ….


As the room moves slow


Mixed drinks to alter


My mood and let me move slow …


Sway as the beat rocks


Plain as rock compared


To the flashy peacocks


Maybe because I’ve put


My flashiness aside


Dealing with problems


That the lights cannot hide


Only find refuge when


I go inside


Excuse me for a moment


I just need to clear my thoughts


With a quick walk outside



  • K.S. Fort



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