'Flash!' Winter 2017

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A short story written by Imaginarium House member, Hullabaloo22.

Chapter 12 (v.1) - I Missed The News Today, Oh Boy....

Submitted: November 16, 2017

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Submitted: November 16, 2017



I Missed The News Today, Oh Boy....


Owen sat there staring at his screen. They were going to start on about the forth-coming match. He could tell.


Pastaonrye: So what's the plan for Saturday? You gonna pick me up ,Joe?


Two2go: Yeah, I guess. What time?


Forty20: Coach wants us there for 1pm. An hour training, remember.


Two2go: Great idea of his. Have us all wrecked before we even start.


Owenmoney: I am still here you know. It's not all about soccer...


Owen stared down at the cast that covered his leg. A compound fracture was going to put him out of the team for at least the rest of the year. If only he hadn't agreed to go on that skateboard challenge.... He didn't even like the things, hadn't been on one in years. Still, it was too late to think about that now.


Forty20: Well, sorry you're out, O, but it's still pretty important to us.


Two2go: Leave us for a while, O. Once we're sorted we can chat. Okay?


Pastaonrye: Suppose you'd better make it around 12, J. Now what about tactics?


Owen looked away. He'd just have to let them get on with their planning. There was no way he was going to be able to steer them away from that subject for at least the next twenty minutes.


He sat there, staring at the messages flying backwards and forwards between his mates, trying not to feel left out. He couldn't deny it though, it sure was getting aggravating.


Owen turned to look at the TV on the other side of the room. There was no volume, he didn't even know what channel it was tuned in to. He didn't even know what it was on for as no one was watching it.


News, obviously! Four guys in military uniforms were standing in a line with really serious expressions on their faces. The reporter looked pretty wound up too. Something to do with the Middle East maybe? Or the US?


Owen looked around for the remote. It wasn't on his desk but then it rarely was, he wasn't much of a TV fan. Not on the arm of the chair either. By the time he'd got himself up, onto crutches and across the room, there was a map on the screen. It seemed to show loads of different countries all with different symbols on them. Without sound, he couldn't work out what it was all on about.


And there was the remote, on the floor next to the TV stand. How was he going to be able to pick it up when he couldn't bend down to reach it?


By the time Owen gave up on the idea of retrieving it and turned back to the big screen, the channel was off air. There was a message scrolling across the screen.

'We apologise for the interruption in service. We are working to resolve technical difficulties and broadcasting will resume as soon as possible.'


Owen watched the message scroll across six times before reaching out to press the button that would manually switch channels. Nothing! Not one channel was working. They either had the same or similar messages, interference, or more often than not, just a blank screen.


Weird! Some kind of storm or something, maybe. Severe lightening sometimes caused a problem with signal reception, so that could explain it. Owen looked towards the window but the sky was clear and blue. No sign of a storm to be seen.


Owen made his way back to his laptop. The guys were still chatting about football.

He'd left them to it for a while but now he was just going to have to interrupt.


Owenmoney: Have any of you checked out the news today? There looks to be some serious stuff going on but I've got no signal now.


Two2go: Haven't seen the TV yet. I'll go check it out and get back to you.


Forty20: Mine's off. Not a thing.


Pastaonrye: Yep. Mine too. Maybe there's some satellite problem or something.


Two2go: No TV. No radio either. What the hell do you think is going on?


Owenmoney: I don't know but these guys sure looked as though it was something important. There were maps but I only got a quick glance.


Pastaonrye: Could it be an EMP? I don't......


The screen went blank. Owen pressed buttons but his laptop refused to respond in any way. TV, radio and Internet blackout. And no computer! What the hell was he supposed to do now?


The beginning of the flash caught Owen's eye. He looked towards the window but never got to see how it all ended.

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