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A poem written by Imaginarium House member, Sue Harris.


Chapter 14 (v.1) - The Sheep Samaritan

Submitted: November 18, 2017

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Submitted: November 18, 2017



Dedication: To my wonderful sister Steph who tries to rescue every animal on the planet. Every winter she keeps watch over the sheep in the fields near the cottage where they live.


The Sheep Samaritan written by Sue Harris

The winter is bleak, fields covered with snow,
Grass, under its blanket, lies frozen below,
On basic instincts they must now rely,
In search of food, they relentlessly try.

Through snow they tread one after another.
The hedgerows offer some tasty fodder.
From the icy chill they’re kept cosy and warm,
But their thick woolly coats, cannot keep them from harm.

They push their way through bushes and thorns,
In their attempts to find some food to purloin.
In their quest to fill their hungry bellies,
They become tangled in vicious, thorny branches.

In panic they wrestle to be free from their captor,
Which only serves to entrap them further.
No-one is there to witness their plight,
No-one to help them win their fight.

Except for the lady who walks her dog,
Every day through rain, snow and fog.
In the distance she hears their plaintive cries,
On her mission, the snow and ice she defies.

She is filled with utter despair at the sight,
As they twist and struggle and flail and fight.
In their eyes she sees abject terror and pain,
Against nature’s snare, they battle in vain.

On a mission of mercy she returns to the scene,
Their cries now shrill, despairing pleas.
“There, there my beauties, I’m here to help you,”
With relief, they sense she has come to their rescue.

Equipped with shears, she begins to strip,
The shackles that fasten them in their grip.
One by one they’re released from their fate,
Only to become victim again, of their trait.

But the lady out walking with her dog,
Keeps a daily vigil over the flock.
To her they mean more than just meat for the table,
She’ll maintain her vigil, as long as she’s able


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