'Flash!' Winter 2017

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A poem written by Imaginarium member, Sue Harris, inspired by Picture Prompt 34.


Chapter 18 (v.1) - Maybe Next Time....

Submitted: November 24, 2017

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Submitted: November 24, 2017



MAYBE NEXT TIME... written by Sue Harris

We had been asked to an annual gathering,
Of bears, for which, she was hankering.
An annual picnic,
In woods where they frolic,
So to find her bike, she went scampering.

We set off, me and Saffie, on her bike.
A two wheeler it was, not a trike.
With me stuffed in a basket,
Like some sort of mascot,
Which kept me from running amok.

So we stop, said she needed to buy cake,
Which she hadn’t had enough time to bake.
So she parks me outside,
While she goes into buy,
A gateau with cream and chocolate.

While she’s looking for cake in the shop,
A small boy comes to a stop.
“Look Mum, it’s a Koala,”
“Joe, I don’t want a drama,”
“But I want it,” he yells in a strop.

As quick as a flash, the boy makes a dash,
So in self-defence, him I thrash.
Saffie rushes out to give chase,
Then falls flat on her face,
In the gateau that now looks like mush.

She wipes cream from her eyes with a tissue,
And says she’s in no state to continue.
To a smile I confess,
She looks a real ‘Eton Mess’
“Don’t worry,” I say, “I forgive you.”

So we watch the teddy bears picnic on telly,
While eating treats she bought from the deli.
Maybe this time next year,
We will be there,
In the woods with the bears, eating jelly.



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