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A short story written in poetic form by Imaginarium House member, Hullabaloo22.

Chapter 30 (v.1) - A Wonderland Christmas

Submitted: December 14, 2017

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Submitted: December 14, 2017



A Wonderland Christmas


Today I’m woken from my sleep by a manic dancing hat,

it’s red with a white bobble, but no head, and it is that


that tells me I’m to follow it – we are going to that hole

and once we reach that special place I’ll make like I’m a mole.


It’s taking me to Wonderland, a place I know that’s mad

so I’m guaranteed a Christmas that’s the craziest I’ve had.


To greet me, the Mad Hatter is standing by the side,

he’s looking like his normal self but there’s something he can’t hide --


the hat that he is wearing has an extra piece of trim,

the holly gives a seasonal look to one as odd as him.


He waves a hand in welcome then bows with such a flourish,

he’s handing me a slice of cake that me, it’s sure to nourish.


The White Rabbit dashes here and there examining his clocks,

but even he is joining in – there are reindeer on his socks.


He’s looking kind of worried that he might be running late

for some Christmas party where he’s going on a date.


The dormouse, she’s so sleepy, but she yawns and lifts a paw,

a bed of shiny tinsel that’s fun to sleep in she is sure.


A pattering of paws and I wonder who is that?

I turn to see the smiling face of my friend, the Cheshire Cat.


A Santa hat is on his head, he’s in a festive mood,

he’s not much in to presents -- for him it’s all about food!


There’s bound to be a banquet that’s packed with all the treats,

and it being here in Wonderland, there’ll be way too much to eat.


The trees are kind of sparkly with a twinkling of lights --

we’re parading to the Palace which is looking really bright.


The soldiers that are made from card are belting out a song,

their enthusiasm’s catching and I want to sing along.


The Major and his Generals are wearing scarves and gloves

and conducting all the cards as they smile and look with love


towards the Palace they are guarding for the King and for the Queen --

a more loyal bunch of soldiers can’t ever have been seen.


We’re escorted to the Palace and ushered through the door --

I let out a gasp of amazement, and then I give one more,


the Palace has become a place of crystal and of ice

but it doesn’t feel too cold, which I think is rather nice.


There’s a tree that reaches to the roof, bedecked and all aglow,

it’s casting pretty colors out that shine back from the ‘snow’.


The King has exchanged his golden crown for a paper one

and his robe of red trimmed with white fur oozes Christmas fun.


He’s looking really happy and he seems to be relaxed --

this time of year he knows that he need not fear attacks.


The Queen, well, she has been transformed, she’s even looking young

and in dressing up for Christmas she will not be out-done --


she’s dressed herself in red and white from her toes up to her head,

her boots have heels so very high she’ll need to watch just where she treads.


But standing there between them I have a big surprise

for a moment I’m flabbergasted and I can’t believe my eyes --


there’s someone there I’d never thought who really did exist;

a girl with hair that’s long and blonde and answers to Alice.


It’s kind of weird to know that I am not the only girl

but she’s shouting out a big ‘Hello’ and curtsies with a twirl.


The party now is under way, it’s full of fun and laughter,

with the banquet and the drinking and the presents coming after.


They’ve given me a snow globe – a mini Wonderland,

one that I can take home with me and can hold in just one hand.


Then I find myself back home in bed and think I’m going mad --

that the Christmas I’d imagined was the best I’d ever had.


But sitting on my bedside table I spot that little ball;

my special Wonderland Christmas must have been real after all!



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