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A short story written by Imaginarium House member, Hullabaloo22.

Chapter 38 (v.1) - Christmas Dinner Miss And Chief

Submitted: December 25, 2017

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Submitted: December 25, 2017



Miss And Chief Family Christmas


Miss was following Chief. He was looking for the perfect house, although she couldn’t understand how Chief would know it when he saw it. The streets were very quiet as everybody seemed to be sitting down to dinner.


She almost collided into his back when Chief stopped suddenly in mid flight. “This is the one,” he announced excitedly.


Miss reluctantly admitted to her ignorance. “How can you tell, Sir. It looks pretty much the same as all the other houses we have passed today. What makes you say that this is the one.”


Ah, Miss. It’s quite simple really,” Chief admitted modestly. “See the number of cars outside?”


Miss counted to herself. “Five, that I can see, Chief.”


Exactly, Miss! This is not a big house, and there is not really space for five cars to park. But the real give-away is that three of them have out-of-state plates. That tells me something.”


What, Chief? What does it tell you?”


It tells me, Miss, that this is a family gathering together to share their Christmas dinner. And a family Christmas is one where we can have so much fun.”


More than the office party, Chief? ‘Cause that was splendid!” Miss’ eyes sparkled at the remembered fun.


If you enjoyed that, Miss, you will just love this!”


It wasn’t hard getting into the house as there was an open window leading in to the kitchen. The room was hot and steamy and the woman in there was becoming rather ruffled. She seemed to be trying to keep an eye on so many things at once that she could not possibly have had a chance to notice Miss and Chief fly their way across the room to escape through the doorway.


There was lots of chatter coming from the one room so that was where they headed, peeking through the doorway before whizzing in and hiding in the Christmas tree. There were more people inside than the room could comfortably hold, especially with the large laid table taking up so much of the space.


Now, Miss, let’s have a look and see who we have got here.” Chief manoeuvred his way around a piece of tinsel to get a good view of the room and its occupants.


There’s Grandma and Grandpa,” Miss pointed out an elderly couple who were seated on the edge of a sofa.


Well spotted, Miss. The woman in the kitchen and the man handing out the drinks live here, I think, along with that teenage girl that is scowling in the corner. Then I think we have her older brother and his wife and kids, the ones that are running around screaming....”


And look, there’s the man’s brother and his wife. There’s quite a family resemblance. But they don’t look very pleased to be here, do they?”


No they certainly do not, Miss. They look as though they find the whole thing a bit beneath them if you ask me. We’ll have to work on fixing that!”


And that must be the mothers sister, the one that is sitting alone. Nobody seems to want to talk to her at all.” Miss wonders why she is not helping in the kitchen but then shrugs the thought away.


A voice calls through from in the kitchen. “Melanie! Kate! Could you come and help me bring things through, please. The rest of you, take your places at the table, please. Your dinner’s coming through!

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