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A follow-up story to 'A Night On The Town' written by Hullabaloo22.

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Sara's Revenge

Submitted: November 06, 2017

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Submitted: November 06, 2017



Sara's Revenge.


Sara refused to speak to her brother for a whole week. He had said it was an accident, that he didn't realise what he had done. Simon had even given her money to cover half the cost of the skirt. But Sara refused to have anything to do with him.


It wasn't so much the loss of the skirt: clothes can always be replaced. It wasn't even that he had ruined a night out that she had been so looking forward to. No, what hurt the most was the embarrassment.


Laura and Sam had invited Sara out the following Friday night but she had not been able to face going. She was sure that there would be people there who would remember her humiliation. Just the thought of that had been enough to send her to bed feeling sick with dread.


But during that early night, Sara had come up with a plan. The finer points needed a bit more thinking about but the basic plot was sound. She would get revenge on her brother. Simon would be made to feel at least slightly embarrassed and then maybe she'd be able to get over it.




The first thing Sara had to do was act as though all was forgiven. She would have to ensure that it was a gradual forgiveness or Simon might become suspicious. And for her plan to be a success he must not suspect a thing!


Over the weekend she had made herself say a few words to her brother. They never talked a massive amount so it wasn't too much of a strain to get their conversation back to a more normal level. If anything, the challenge had been in not letting it go over the top.


I'm glad you're seeing sense now, Sara. He really did not know, or I'm sure he would have told you.”


Sara felt a bit guilty about deceiving her mum. After all, she had tried to warn her. Her mother might have convinced herself of Simon's innocence but then she always was a bit gullible where her brother was concerned.


No, Mum. I'm sure he didn't mean it.” Sara had to admit she was becoming quite an accomplished liar: she would have almost fooled herself.




Sara spent quite a few hours that week going over her plan. Most of it she would carry out alone but there were just two things she needed help with: well, one if she was prepared to forego the pleasure of watching her brother squirm but that was not going to happen.


Sara had overheard Simon talking to Ryan. They were planning on meeting up with Aiden and Grant in The Falcon, Friday evening. Once a month they liked to just hang out in the local pub, chat, flirt with the local girls, that sort of thing.


Well, this time she would make sure that Simon provided a bit of entertainment for his friends.


Hi, Laura. You know Friday night? Would you mind if we went to The Falcon before heading off to the club? I could do with a bit of extra courage before setting foot in there again.”


Sure, Sara. Sam and I'll pick you up about, what, 7.30?”


That would be great, Laura. What would I do without friends like you and Sam?”


So that was one part taken care of. The other was a bit more tricky. Laura would have helped her out but that wouldn't work. Simon would recognise Laura's voice and then he'd smell a rat. No, she had to find someone that her brother had never met. And it could be that she had just come up with the perfect candidate!




Before leaving work the following afternoon Sara had approached Amanda. Amanda Barnes was new to the area: she wasn't the sort of person to frequent the same places as Simon so they were highly unlikely to have ever met. And she owed Sara a favour. She had worked her day off to cover for Amanda when she had a doctor's appointment. Amanda was going to repay the favour but Sara would be quite happy to give up that day to secure Amanda's help.


Sara had written a phone number down on a scrap of paper and handed it to Amanda. “All you have to do is phone this number at 8.30 Friday night. Ask for Simon. And do not mention my name!”


And then we're quits? I won't owe you a day?” Amanda had asked. It seemed too good a deal to be true but Sara Mathews nodded.


You won't owe me a thing.”


Amanda had smiled. “Okay. You've a deal.” The girls had shook hands on it then gone their separate ways.


Sara's plan was falling nicely into place. Now she just needed to work on disguising her writing.




Everything was going to plan. Sara was ready nice and early. She hadn't bothered getting too dressed up or then she'd look conspicuous in the pub.

Simon, on the other hand, was going for a smart but casual look; suit, shirt, maybe a tie.....


Oh, this was going to be so perfect. Sara had looked at herself in the mirror and gave a mischievous smile. She had made sure that the slightly nervous look was back on her face before she approached Simon.


Turn around, Simon. You've obviously forgotten how to do a tie.” Sara had tripped and fell against Simon. “Sorry, Si! I trod on my lace.”


Sara had inspected her handiwork before bending down to tie up her already secured lace. “Yep. I'd say that's pretty perfect now.”


A quick brush past the jacket he was about to slip on and all was in place.

Unless she'd made some sort of mistake the show would soon begin.

Now all she had to do was make sure that she had her phone handy so that she could at least get a couple of photos.




Let's sit here, shall we!” Sara picked out a table not too near the place she knew that Simon and his mates would occupy. She wanted a clear view but she didn't want to make it too obvious.


What are you going to have, Sara? I'm buying so pick whatever.” Sam was on his way to the bar.


Rum and Coke please, Sam.” She'd have to go easy on it but a bit of a drink would only make her revenge that bit sweeter.


Rum and Coke it is then. Laura?”


I'll have the same.” The girls watched Sam walk away. “What are you up to, Sara? I don't think we're here just to give you courage, are we.”


You'll see soon enough, Laura!” Sara would say no more.




Simon and Ryan entered the pub and walked straight up to the bar. Aiden and Grant were just a few seconds behind them. They would all recognise Sara, of course, but that was no problem. She was just sitting there having a quiet drink with her mates.


When Aiden waved to her and pointed her out she just lifted a casual hand and went back to chatting with Sam and Laura. The anticipation was almost killing her but she had to make the effort to bury it or she would ruin everything.


She made a point of keeping her eyes averted from their table, while keeping her ears tuned in. She did not want to miss one piece of her carefully planned revenge.


Simon was putting his hand in his pocket ready to buy a round.


'Come on. Come on,' thought Sara.


Hey, Si! You dropped something. Hang on, what have we here. Who's been writing you rather passionate poetry, then. Simon, you've been keeping secrets from us.” Ryan waved the piece of paper that Sara had earlier dropped in to Simon's jacket pocket.


Show me that.” Simon grabbed for it. “Look, guys, it's not mine. I've never seen it before, okay.”


Okay, Simon. We believe you.” Aiden shrugged and changed the conversation.


Sara could see that Simon was not too happy. She glanced at her watch. Ten minutes then, if Amanda was as good as her word....She carried on chatting, watching from the corner of her eye, waiting.....


Ryan's mobile rang out loudly. “Hi. No, this is Ryan. Simon's here though, right next to me. Who shall I say is calling? Ahh, Amanda, is it? I'll just pass you over....”


Simon, AMANDA'S on the phone for you?”


Who? I don't know anyone called Amanda. Hello! Yes, this is Simon but I'm not the Simon you want.”


Sara watched as Simon angrily pressed the disconnect button. Yes, he was definitely starting to feel the heat. He was reaching up towards his tie, taking his jacket off.....


Ha! Got you there then mate. No Amanda! No, of course there's no Amanda. Who was that from then? Fiona? Sally?”


Ryan, Aiden and Grant doubled over in laughter as Simon exposed the perfectly formed lip-sticked kiss on his collar that Sara had planted there when she 'tripped'.


Quickly firing off a few shots, Sara got to her feet. Laura's look towards her was one of both shock and amusement.


It was.....you?” she asked.


Sara had just enough time to nod her head before making a dash for the pub door. Simon was already on his feet, glaring and moving in her direction. Friday night was never a night for wearing runners but she had known she would have to make a sharp exit.


Sara!” called Simon, angrily.


Evens,” Sara responded as she exited to the street. She'd have to run home and he would make her pay, but her revenge on Simon had been so sweet.







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