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A short story written by Imaginarium House member, Hullabaloo22.

Chapter 42 (v.1) - The Timkins

Submitted: December 31, 2017

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Submitted: December 31, 2017



The Timkins


Cog and Odle were Timkins. But not any old ones – they were in charge of stopping time for one second at exactly midnight on New Year’s Eve. The Timkins did the same thing every year and it had always gone smoothly. No human had ever felt the slightest suspicion that such a thing was happening, all remaining totally unaware of that minute freeze in time.


The Timkins were funny little creatures. They looked a lot like chihuahuas that walked on two legs, only instead of paws on their front limbs they had what were much more like human hands. They appeared very wise and thoughtful, and there was something almost age-less in their appearance.


This was the first time that Cog and Odle had been trusted to carry out such a serious task, in spite of them being over a hundred years old. That was a young age for Timkins, many had seen a thousand or more New Year’s come and go. ad been ordered to attend. Such a crucial task as the second pause was usually only entrusted to those of a greater age and responsibility; it had been with much trepidation that two younger Timkins were selected.


Cog and Odle watched through their screens. They did not need to see The Timepiece because the humans were all happily counting down for them. Once they heard the number four being called out, Cog moved his hand, holding it above the button ready to depress it at exactly the right moment.




Cog pressed the button firmly down and they could see through their multiple screens that everyone was firmly frozen in place. Even those who had leapt into the air in the excitement of the moment were caught mid-air, unmoving and held in a position that seemed to defy the laws of gravity.


Odle and Cog studied the people in front of them. They had never really had the chance to study human beings so closely before and it was an opportunity that was just too good to be missed.


A funny bunch aren’t they!” said Cog.


Pretty ugly, really. They could all do with a good covering of fur rather than that funny little growth on the tops of their heads – well, most of them, anyway!” Odle was quite intent in his studying, going from one monitor to another, each displaying a totally different group of people.


Cog agreed. “And look, you can see who is young, who is old, who is in between.”


Odle frowned. “Yes, it’s all very, very strange.”


Just to think that these are the creatures that are bringing time itself under threat. It’s beyond belief that such......creatures should possess so much power.”


Cog and Odle continued their studying and all thoughts of the one second pause dismissed themselves from their minds. They were astonished, stupefied, by the idea that such a clearly inferior race of beings could be putting all the different versions of time at risk of total melt-down.


Their scrutiny was interrupted by the piercing sound of the alarm. Cog and Odle jumped, guiltily realizing that they were messing time up themselves, one more second and they would achieve the melt-down themselves. Odle was the first to recover, slamming his hand on to the second button and bringing everybody on the screens back to life.


There were a few anxious moments during which both Timkins studied different screens, searching for clues that they had been detected in their time-tampering. Everything seemed normal; nobody seemed to be suffering from confusion. They might have made a mess of things but Cog and Odle were almost certain that they had got away with it.


And life on Earth carried on as usual, with all of humanity remaining oblivious to that second frozen moment. Cog and Odle would have got away with their mistake not being discovered if it had not been for the recording of that alarm.

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