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Written by Hullabaloo22.

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Game Of Dragons

Submitted: November 08, 2017

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Submitted: November 08, 2017



Game Of Dragons.


Shut all your windows

Bolt all your doors

The dragons are waking

Hark at their roars.


Dampen the timbers

Soak the house roof

There's sure to be sparks

And that is the truth.


The wings start their beating

They are taking to flight

It will not be long

Before they are in sight.


These humongous beasts

With their leathery wings

Made for gliding and sliding

With tips that will sting.


And then to their rear

A strong and long tail

A weapon so lethal

It should make you quail.


Out of their nostrils

Come spirals of smoke

They are eyeing each other

Getting their scope.


And look here it comes,

That long jet of fire

For one it will light

A funeral pyre.


The clashing of claws

The gnashing of teeth

Signal terror among

Those who live underneath.


The very air trembles

To their roars of pain

As they tussle and tumble,

An advantage to gain.


They are melded together

In a hug to the death

One is about to

Take its last breath.


Time seems to stop

Until a mighty scream

Signals a stop

Or so it may seem.


But to anyone who

Has seen this before

There is the knowledge

There's still so much more.


Down to the ground

The defeated comes crashing

Anything underneath

Totally smashing.


It lies there dead

In a silent heap

But still in their homes

The people will keep.


The victor is landing

Next to his prey

To set him on fire

And clear him away.


The stench is so vile

Surrounding the village

Smelling so much like

Destruction and pillage.


And then standing tall

The victor will dance

The onlookers watching

As though in a trance.


It takes in a breath

And breathes out a flame

It may have caused death

But to him it's a game.


Out go his wings

As he takes to the air

Leaving the village

Much damage to bear.


The dragon goes home

To sleep in his den

They know he'll return

They're just not sure when.


© Copyright 2019 hullabaloo22. All rights reserved.


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