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The journey to a new country …

Submitted: November 04, 2017

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Submitted: November 04, 2017



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“Now, I’ve heard there was

A secret chord

That David played

And it pleased the Lord”

But that won't

Bring you closer to me,

Will it?

I scream in pain

And clench my fist

As time goes on

We seem to drift

I’m baffled, lost

And praying



“Your faith was strong

But you needed proof”

I was to quickly arrive

With no excuse

But rules and borders

Kept me from you

They sat me in

A wooden chair

Checked my skin

And combed my hair

And in my mind

I’m praying



“I did my best

It wasn't much

I couldn't feel

So, I tried to touch”

It was what they said

That crushed me

After I'll that I

Had suffered through

Calloused hands, body bruised

Back to my pillaged land is

Where they sent me



  • K.S. Fort



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