Edward The Black Prince.

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Along time ago I read the story of Edward the Black Prince. He was young and in the heart of the battle at Crecy. His father was on his horse, just looking on. Only now I have written this poem for
such a young man and his fearlessness.

Submitted: November 04, 2017

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Submitted: November 04, 2017



Edward, the black prince,

Was born 15th June 1330.

I'm totally convince,

He was a great man for his country.


He got his arms of the Prince of Wales feathers,

From John the first of Bohemia.

Clad in black leathers,

People thought him peculiar.


In the middle of the battle at Crecy,

He showed great military ability.

Commanding the right wing,

He gave France a nasty sting.


At 16, what a great soldier,

There weren't any much bolder.

Edward 3rd looked on,

Watching from afar at his brave son.

No fear at all this courageous lad,

Fought like mad , gave the victory to his dad.


Again, in 1355, he did great things,

No more a child under parent's wings.

He captured King John of France,

He was victorious, no broken lance.


The black prince married Joan,

He decided not to be alone.

She bore him two children,

Then he was off with his army again.


In 1367 he went to help King Pedro of Castile,

Winning the war Pedro gave him a good deal.

He got from the king a huge magnificent ruby,

Kept now in the British Crown, securely.


The black prince died at Westminster,

On 8th June 1376.

His work done, a great soldier,

There was nothing more he could fix.

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