Singing Bull

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The taller I grow, the more that will come forth to the light.

Submitted: November 12, 2017

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Submitted: November 04, 2017



If we could experience pain without hurting then there would be no room for our hearts to feel whats right. We as people can do a lot more than we know. My people, i have visited many different places, and I've had many different experiences both horrible and heavenly. With each person criminal and just i present to them the same pure spirit that I would present to the creator of my passing. There has never been a time in history where negative behaviours from one party to another have ever produced results of peace coming forth in the aftermath. Some have called me an angel, as others have called me a true friend. They feel the need to thank me for gifts yet all i seek in return is their love, and happiness well displayed by their smiles. Though times may be rough with every waking moment of the wrong mindset which brings about burdens that do not matter. Your worries are beating you down as it is written all over your face. However, the constant feelings of sorrow and self-hate will be dismissed when approached by a helping hand much like mine. On your journey to work through your pain at the end you will notice i never left. Upon greeting me, you have acquired a special bond between us both that will be impossible to break. Only if you choose to abandon the one who was sent to help and be there for you will your problem linger on until you accept the love within yourself as well as the love others have to offer. 

Many have turned their backs on me before yet that means nothing to me, but a blessing from above as a star guides me onto a set path of success with or without them. Though i keep in mind i would very much appreciate them more had they still been giving love. I meet many new people not to replace the old ones, but to gain a better sense of connectivity to everyone. For i am as great as everyone as everyone is as great as I. I am what keeps the balance between love and hate as the people before us have tried to maintain and fight for many centuries ago. Their corpses are long gone, but their wisdom and knowledge still remain inside us all. No man nor woman is born with an ugly heart, but some points in life will bring about nasty changes to each of our hearts if we are not conscious enough to simply distinguish right from wrong. Baring the burden of raising another along with yourself on your own without the person that agreed to be there by connecting with you sexually is what drives many insane. Though i cannot be a father to everyone i can be a true friend by giving you all the love and support you require through these many days and many nights of hoping, working, and praying for the universe to work in your favor. As you cry by your bedside wishing for better days and for all of this to be over. Im in a space of my own on bended knees praying along with you for your good heart and soul to be well at peace soon. I would take time out my day and my nights to mention you to a God that you may feel doesn't always hear you, but in reality, everyone hears you. Others choose to ignore, but i will always choose to help you as much as possible until your peace is restored for that is the reason of me living today in the same timeline as you. We are no strangers just because i do not call you by name, yet as i give my love i refer to you as my brother and my sister. Your light will shine brightly again as it did when you were born, and so will your offspring. When you are able to look in the mirror and smile then lay down at night with all the beautiful thoughts on your mind about how loved you are, then you will have truly found the happiness life has meant for you to feel from sunrise to sunset.

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