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A poem that means a lot to me that I wrote

Submitted: November 04, 2017

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Submitted: November 04, 2017



He was alone

Never really a part of it

Always watching from the outside

Seeing others being jubilant and pretending he was as well


His cheeks still salty from tears

He dragged himself out of bed each morning

To be forlorn again


He would sit at a lunch table and watch

Everyone having fun

While he dreamt of his own euphoria


It was always agonizing

Every moment he spent thinking stung like a hornet

He was his own adversary

Constantly beating himself up over nothing


On weekends he sat in his reclusive house

Tormenting himself with thoughts of other kids

Together being happy

As the tears streamed down his face

He was alone


It never mattered how well he did in school

He didn’t care how athletic he was

He was fixated desperately on what he couldn’t achieve

Fitting in


He bounded between social groups

Stuck in an infinite in between

A sad icy place

Where he never could find his home


He was there with everyone

And yet not

Drowning in his sorrows

While everyone else laughed


He was never happy

Because he was always alone


© Copyright 2019 Russell Scott. All rights reserved.

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