One Life.

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a true story about a near-death experience.

Submitted: November 04, 2017

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Submitted: November 04, 2017




Have you ever had a near-death experience? Have you ever lied, if so how bad was it?Did you regret those choices leading up to the lie and near death experience?Everything I asked above is what I went through and did.These crazy events helped me realize life isn’t a game and I have to grow up.I bet you’re asking “What happened?” Well, it all started in July 2016 on a gloomy rainy morning.


Crackle! The thunderclaps making me jump out of my skin and see a flash of lightning appear quickly. I’m very fond of rain so I open my window and inhale deeply as the misty wind flows in. I follow my morning routine and go downstairs.I get a bowl of cereal and decide to sit on the back porch as the downpour continues.


Later that day, I meet up with my friends Amya and her brother Chris. Amya mentions she wants to buy a swimsuit and they want me to tag along.So I ran back to my house to ask if I could accompany them.I started thinking about what my Dad would say “Would he say no?”When I made up my mind I told him I would be going to my close friend Nadias’ house. I felt ashamed and guilt-ridden but I was happy to be hanging out with my friends.


At last, we decided to walk to the small mall being we lived somewhat close to it.We had to cross a street to get there.The street was very slippery from the constant rainfall. We walked in the middle of the crosswalk waiting for the dozen or more cars to pass by.Me being brazen wanted to show off, so I tried to run across the street, but at the last moment, I saw a truck in the corner of my eye.

I froze like a deer seeing headlights. I was extremely lucky because as I was about to run I fell on my first step.The truck nearly grazed my foot making my spine crawl.My friend’s almost immediately helped me up and Amya allayed me “Malaya don’t scare me like that again!” Chris looked paralyzed he searched for the right thing to say as he opened his mouth he asked: “Are y- you okay?”His stuttering made it obvious he was scared.Although I was still shaken up I just said: “I’m fine.” The cars traveled across and then we did. While we walked towards the store I looked up at the cloudy dark sky and a “Thank you” escaped my lips.


After that day forward I was beyond thankful I couldn’t imagine what could’ve happened if I didn’t slip. Something I live by is my own quote  “ You’re not a cat with nine lives or a video game, able to restart over and over. You’re a human you have 1 life and 1 life only make it count.” Therefore, I plan to enjoy life, not waste it.


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