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Light weighted story.hope you all like it

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Fighting For Nothing

Submitted: November 04, 2017

“Are u both coming or not”, shouted Melinda. She is the proud mother of identical twins Kiera and Elisa. She always cares her daughte... Read Chapter

Hunt for the prince charm

Submitted: November 13, 2017

“Hey, look at her guys… our queen Elisa coming without a date” welcoming words from her classmates as she entered the prom hall alo... Read Chapter

Perfect MixMatch

Submitted: November 16, 2017

"Hello, are you alright ?"Joe waved in front of Elisa's face.she couldn't understand why all these happening only to her at the same time... Read Chapter

Unexpected Invitation

Submitted: December 05, 2017

At the entrance of Elite high..a group of boys were standing and teasing the newbies.the main participant is David,actually he's the main reason for this boys assembly.wherever David is, definitely
there will be a bunch of girls around him added with guys like flower boys."why don't we make the situation little interesting Dav?" Asked Benjamin.David turned towards him puzzled. "What is it
Ben,I'm so in!!" Said David by clapping his hands together.the whole Elite knows about the friendship of both them.most likely they are sworn brothers than friends. So whatever the one says ...the
other agree without the second thought."whoever comes now to Elite's entrance irrespective of gender ... David gonna ask him/her to be his partner on Friday night prom... OK Dav ?" Smiled Ben .he
startled and almost slid down from his bike after hearing what Ben said ... But if he didn't agree his pride will go in front of his fellow mate. " I agree !!!" Said Dav.all the boys and girls
surrounded there shouted with excitement and started to wait by biting their nails.time started to move more slower than tortoise. And secretly David prayed to god to send any good looking girl not
a guy to not to become a gay!!!.fortunately Angelina elite's queen came out from her bmw and started moving forward."whoaoooooo...." David grinned ."yesssss,Angelina I'm on the way babe" he cheered
himself and casually walked towards her.but god have some other plans for him,poor David.the moment he opened his mouth to call Angelina she was called by her mom on other side! without stepping
inside the entrance she turned back., but at the same time Elisa walked inside Elite.everything around David freezed and he felt like spinning .but on other end all the boys and girls there
including Benjamin shouted excitedly... "Come on David ,... Move on ...David !!!! David !!!! " the screaming of students pierced his ears like an arrow.his feet stuck to the ground because he don't
like Elisa at all .her style,her behavior everything opposite to him .now ...nothing can be done,bet is a bet ..he cannot withdraw. He slowly slithered towards Elisa.she was seriously thinking
about her test and about to walk from David. But she was unable to move forward because something stopped her and that pulled her to reality.angrilly she turned back. But next moment she became
like a cat after seeing David holding her hand."hey Elisa ,lucky day for you .. Be my date on Friday .see ya " casually he said and went .it took nearly a minute for her to realize what happened
just now.she went to her class like a robot and sat. Whatever Joe asked her she blabbered .. .Benjamin smiled himself seeing Elisa's condition..after all. he is way good than that arrogant
David."whaaat ??? David invited you to be his date ??? " screamed kiera. She is shocked and dumbstuck after hearing from her twin. Actually she is angry on herself for not able to attract him and
also at Elisa for becoming her competitor in this issue.but she is determined to push anybody aside in getting back David. Even if it is her very own twin !!!.
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