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depression may have no words, but it sure kills you inside

Submitted: November 05, 2017

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Submitted: November 05, 2017



There are days so sad you want to pretend they are not happening. There are Mondays so dull you wish you could pretend that they just did not happen and it is Saturday night, just the end of a week not a begining.
There are people so mean, you just wished you had met them on another day or a different time.Life can be very oppressing and sometimes or many times things just seem to not be working out even if you are doing all that you can to maintain positive vibes.
Life can unnecessarily be weird and tiresome as well as mean the sadness consumes you one day you are begging the universe for the day to end and another its just staring at you in the face getting sadder and more terrible and it consumes you and envelopes you till you cannot take it anymore.
Yet you have got to thrive in this life, no matter how much you try or reach out. life can be terrible.I am not a sad person I am not even disturbed, most of the times I'm running around with positive vibes only, I have a great appetite, I celebrate the smallest easiest things that no one seems to care about but Lord this week, I feel like a walking dead running through life blindly and pretending this is not happening very it actually is and it is killing or probably drowning me.
I crave beautiful, warm sunshine on my face reminding me that life is beautiful and things will be okay.on the other hand i just want to stand in that sun, feel it so hot it burns my face and makes me feel sweaty or actually sweat just to remind me that these are bad things, that sweating is nasty but i am still able to go  through such nasty process and I hate them and can avoid them.I stand out there and feel my armpits start sweating and the sun burning my eyes and face and right then I am reminded that I can still feel the bad things around me, that i hate being in that position and that I crave happier more suitable moments.
I hate it when people treat others badly just because they feel like they can. it is tiresome and consuming and they make feel hopeless and stupid and terrible.
Yesterday a woman older and taller than me taught me that you do not seat in peoples offices when they are on the phone, she however shouted at me and call me insolent and in that moment, I felt small and damn and I'd feel the tears form in my eyes.  I know she could have told me without shouting or insulting me, every one learns something in the long run if you teach them. I just she had said it in a better way as she ruined my day.
I just crave for a life where I am happy every day.

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