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Submitted: November 05, 2017

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Submitted: November 05, 2017





I want to grab her hand pull her along to a private dark corner and just be with her. I want to breath the same air as her and have that oxygen feed my blood. I want her to look into my eyes and see her future. I want her to be mine. She is so independent, proud, and stubborn; no one could ever own her. But the alpha male in me wants nothing more than to own her mind body and soul. Us together is like bombs going off in my brain, she has destroyed everything I have ever thought I’ve known, everything I thought I wanted. I want to thank her for being her and making me a better man. She knows me, the real me; the darkness that sits inside, the pain that I carefully hide in my eyes, and the regrets I have in life. I spilled all my secrets to her, knowing that before she fell for me I had to show her who I really was. Despite all of that she still stuck by and loved me. Every time I touch her skin, a physical shutter runs through my body and everything disappears but her. Without her with me I feel out of control and anxious, counting down the minutes till I see her next. She has told me time and time again that no man will ever own her, she would rather die before that happens; but what she doesn’t realize is that she has already give me the great pleasure of owning a small part of her. In bed, withering naked bodies between satin sheets, she lets my hand graze her throat as my body sinks into hers again and again. The feel of her pounding pulse under my fingers, the moan that forces its way from her beautiful mouth, my name on her lips. I cherish every moment she lets my hands touch my smooth skin. Never taking her love for granted, knowing that without her I would be nothing but a shell, that her love alone destroyed then rebuilt my world. My body above her, my weight pushing her gently into the mattress. My hands making a slow trail up the sides of her body, ending with our hands clutching each other above her head, fingers laced together; “Mine” I whisper hotly against her lips’ her eyes catch fire at the word, gripping my fingers a little bit tighter she whispers back, “Yours.

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