A Study In Contrasts

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A study in contrasts. Opposites (don't) attract.

Submitted: November 05, 2017

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Submitted: November 05, 2017



Author's Note-- To those of you who have kept up with my two novels 'Heartbreaks & Hospital Rooms' & 'Resurgence,' I deeply apologize for my long absence with absolutely no explanation provided. An author has a responsibility to their readers, which I have no doubt neglected--these past few months have seen me struggle with anxiety, depression and a whole host of other problems, and I have only now been able to get my bearings and make my peace with the situation as it were. I am sorry for that. I fully do intend on returning to working on my books as soon as my final examinations are over, and I do hope you will continue to read and review them, as well as this work, and any other work I publish hereafter. Booksie is one of the warmest writing communities I have been privileged to be a part of, and I hope to be an active member once again. Thank you all for your support. 




She is the bright, glittering gold of a thousand suns- warm and glowing and simple.

I am the shimmering silver on a crescent night- subtle and soft and complexly shifting.


She is the blinding beauty and charm of full lips and dancing eyes.

I am the sensitive prettiness of delicate mouths and dreaming, distant gazes.


She walks with the confident spring of a girl who thinks she owns the world.

I step with the curiosity of a girl who wants to understand it.


She is full of bubbling cheer and happiness and dizzy flights of fancy.

I am full of knowledge and hidden intent and single-minded focus.


She is the bold, beautiful plumage of a peacock's tail.

I am the lingering notes of a nightingale's song on a starry night.


It is quite simple- demanding and magnetic and fiery, she pulsates.

Steely cool and controlled, I glimmer.


She is everything I'm not.

You are everything she's got.


And God forgive me for thinking that it was possible for you to choose moonlight instead of sunlight-

Because after all, when has silver ever shone brighter than gold?



Her light blinds you,

And my shadow restores the sight to your eyes.

So why is it her you run to, and me you refuse to look at?


Her radiance chars your being to ashes

And the dusk of my soul heals your heated injuries.

So why is it her you cling to with all your might, and me you push aside?


All her luminescence does is expose your vulnerability, leave you brightly bare and defenceless.

All my shade ever does is shelter you, give you a chance to hide your pain.

So why is she the one who sees your face and only I your back?


Her sun erases the subtlety of your own shine,

And my twilight enhances it.

So why is it that you only awaken in her presence, and in mine you seem asleep?


Can't you see that all her light ever does is burn you,

And all my shadow ever does is protect you from harm.

So why is it so hard for you to understand that she obscures your love with her own glow and glitter-

And I am the one who reflects it back to you.


© Copyright 2018 Trishala. All rights reserved.

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