When Our World First Ended

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The year is 1Y178, and humanity is at the peak of success. Humanity successfully rose to the rank of a type one civilization, as well as making multiple bases on the neighboring planet. With
advanced space travel and world peace the human race overcame many hurdles. Over a hundred years mankind lived in peace travelling the solar system and making many new discoveries. In the year
1Y153 they discovered the presence of a non-human life form at the edge of the Kuiper Belt. Avoiding the potential threat and focusing on the only inhabitable planet known to expand their numbers.
The story takes place on the planet Earth with a Martian Soldier listening to a radio.

Submitted: November 05, 2017

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Submitted: November 05, 2017



"Humanity is on the brink of extinction!" The radio started blasting an emergency broadcast. "We have lived thousands of years. Our race Overcame all odds, and even inhabited the planet Earth. Even with our milestones we couldnt defeat an enemy of this caliber." Loud screechs emitted and echoed through the room. "I... Captain Jericho give myself to the universe and mankind. Should I fail today than Ill do it giving my life. These bastards will burn!" The transmission came to a stop and the room began to shake. I dont understand why we can't win. We did nothing to provoke them nor did we even know they existed until we began scavending the solar system. Mars, the home of humanity, achieved world peace and began setting sights to other planets. Of course earth being the closest and most habitable planet was in our sights. Every earth mission went without failure. That was until we began making bases on it, and started sending people to live there. I, Sergeant Masa, was on Sigma Base training recruits for the Mars Star Fleet or M.S.F. for short. The M.S.F were responsible for protecting all the Mars settlements in the solar system. From asteroids to aliens we are to give our lives to live on. Using fusion power we were able to conquer the stars. Each soldier had a space craft that can join with other spacecrafts and use nuclear fusion to traverse space. We weren't ready for a creeping threat like this one. No one believes that they lived in the same solar system as us, actually we believe they are only here to drain the planets resources and leave. It was believed that they inhabited Saturn in ages long forgotten to time. They watched us evolve and grow, all while they mined out Saturn and it's moons. They attacked Mars almost instantaneously when we began building the solar projectors in Egypt. The solar projector project would push our race to type two civilization by harnessing the light and radiation at a hyper concentrated level projecting it to a complex facility inside Mars. Mars would then generate that power from the sun to every living human on the two planets. It took tens of thousands of years to become a type one civilization and only a hundred years to be on the edge of a type two. In one swift attack several major bases where annihilated off the face of Mars. Every soldier in the M.S.F. was dispatched to deal with the threat. They fired a plasma blast from Saturn and were closing in on our forces. Before we knew it they had us surrounding between Mars and Jupiter. An all out war broke out and in the insanity my ship was blasted. My reactors were damaged and I began spiraling towards Mars. As I propelled to the planet I watched my comrades and recruits die without mercy. Their cries could be heard through my comms and all I wanted to do was go back. The inside of the ship increased in temperature the closer to mars I got. I was knocked out upon impact, waking up here not long afterwards. A un named base on earth with not many people residing there. They transported me here as part of a procedure in a massive planetary evacuation from Mars to Earth. I stepped outside and watch as distant space lit up with a bright ball of light. An overwhelming feeling of dread filled my entire body and tears fell from my eyes. "Attention to all surviving humans on earth." The comms on earth radiated chatter all over the base. "This is Cardel Falcio, commander of the Martian Space Fleet. This war ended when it began, Mars is dead and unable to further support life. Earth is our last bastion of hope..." Static began interrupting the broadcast making some words impossible to make out. "My las....der is....survive." Communications went down and a second much brighter light filled the distance. Mars is dead and we must live on Earth now. This alien planet that i must rely on to take care of me and the rest of my fellow humans. Its almost impossible to believe that all the hard work we went through doesnt matter anymore.

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