How can I tell you that I love you (Father to daughter)

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Father to daughter

Submitted: November 05, 2017

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Submitted: November 05, 2017



Stage I

Give her lots of food

‘cause food is always good

It does all that it could

To mobilize mobility and mood.


Stage II

Be her knight in shining armour

Be her heavenly haven and harbour

Tell her she’s worth fighting for

All can leave, you’ll wait at the door.


Stage III

Give her that which men will take

Be the correction for any mistake

Be the bond and cast when she’ll break

And when she’s weak play strong, even if fake.


Stage IV

Watch her grow and her innocence leave

Seek everyday to find a way to have it retrieved

Pray she’ll do it to all, but you she won’t deceive

Hope she’ll have all she wants minus grief


Stage V

Talk to her and make her see sense

Tell her you have experience after innocence

Tell her she’ll miss out on strong presents

When life ignores the ones who are emotionally dense


Stage VI

Hear her mute cry as she tears your heart apart

So much so that you want give her everyday a new heart

So she can start again without end to that fresh start

Shout out you love her even if cruelty is the fast cart


Stage V

Watch as you never tell her how much you love her

And she knows it but chooses to ignore

The only man who conceals his feelings to be a teacher

Who teaches, when he’s beside you, there’s no mountain he won’t conquer

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