The art of magic

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Grace Livinstock is a witch who is learning to use and hone her magical powers. It's not as easy as it looks.

Submitted: November 05, 2017

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Submitted: November 05, 2017



Grace Livinstock was a witch in the Livinstock family. She lived with her granny, her mum, her dad and two younger brothers. Neither of her brothers were of age to have magic nor did they know about the family's secret. 

On Grace's 12th birthday, her parents took her to their study room and they stood in front of a great bookcase. 

"Grace, it's time we showed you something," said mum "take a book out."

Grace studied the bookcase. What was supposed to happen?

There were old dusty books on war, politics, books on magic tricks and How to books on just about everything from how to take care of children to how to pick your nose without looking disgusting. 

A book caught her eye. It was a silver and gold book which reflected in the light. Grace walked towards the book but upon trying to pick it up, she found the book was stuck to the shelf like hot glue. Instead of picking the book up, she pulled and the book moved towards her. 

There was a low rumbling and then the bookcase opened like a door to reveal a secret and small room. 

Grace was excited. More than she had ever been in her twelve years. She ran inside and looked everywhere. There were three sofas to her left, which made a square around a table. On the table was a book which was opened to a page that read, "How to turn yourself into a princess."

Her eyes gleamed. She continued reading.

"Warning,"  she said "if not performed correctly, spell may cause you to turn into a frog instead. 

"Let's back away from that book," said her dad "you'll have to wait until the lessons begin."


Her mum and dad looked at each other with proud smiles on their faces.

"Well done, Grace." said her mum "you chose the correct book which allows you to enter the secret room. And now we have something to tell you."

"We're wizards," said her dad "which means that you're a witch."



"Grandma too?"

"Yes. Magic is passed down from generation to generation."

"What about Sully and Steve?"

"they're not old enough yet. they'll get their powers when they turn eleven. For girls, the age is twelve."

Grace looked at her hands. The powers that they contained sparked her imagination. 

"I could fly," she said "I could breathe underwater for a very long time. I could put a spell on myself to dance well or to be confident."

"Let's sit on the couch." said her mum

So they all sat on the couches, Grace on one and he parents on another opposite her. That was when she knew that there was more to this. There was something else they needed to say. 

"What is it?" she asked, slowly and with much caution. 

"Well, you've only just got your powers," explained her mum "and this means you're unstable which means..." Her mum trailed off and her dad finished. 

"Your mother and I have arranged for you to go to a boarding school for witches and wizards."

Grace stood up and with tears in her eyes, ran and hugged her parents. 

"Are you mad at us?" asked her mum

"no," she said through tears "I know this is something that I must do but I will miss everyone."

"Even your brothers?"

She laughed.

"Yes, even the stinky twins."


--Note to readers--

to anyone reading this, let me know what you think about this story. I thought of writing more (maybe Grace doesn't want to go to boarding school after all) but I wanted to publish and see what people thought first. 

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